Kristen Stewart MTV Video Music Awards Appearance – Her Special Demands Revealed!

Kristen Stewart MTV Video Music Awards Appearance – Her Special Demands Revealed!

Kristen Stewart is feeling incredibly delicate these days.  It could have to do with her getting caught having a torrid affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, and having the incriminating photos plashed all over the Internet and print media.  We presented photographic evidence of Kristen totally losing it in a parking lot after the scandal broke.  Kristen might also be upset at her apparent dismissal by long-time boyfriend Robert Pattinson and his subsequent icy cold shoulder.  Of course what could be bothering the trampire most could be the impact the scandal threatens to have on her brilliant career.  Despite embarrassed denials by the producers, it seems that one consequence of her cheating on Rob was to be dropped from the sequel to SWATH – which now bears the working title ‘The Huntsman.’  You just have to laugh.  I see Rob as a lost huntsman wandering around asking himself ‘whatever happened to my Snow White?’

I think that a major component of Kristen’s current state of distress is brought on by the hatred and scorn that she correctly perceives is now directed at her by her former fans, Twihards, and especially Robert’s fans.  Sure people despise Rupert for cheating on his flummoxed wife, Liberty Ross, and by extension, his two kids, but who cares about Rupert?  I mean sure, he is a big director – but the masses don’t pay attention to the people behind the scenes to the extent that they do the superstars.  And Kristen Stewart was the most talked and written about female star in Hollywood over the past couple of years – she still is…

So what’s a fallen star to do?  The answer is that Kristen had to get back up and promote herself – after all there is no love like self-love.  So Kristen had to make a choice whether to bury herself in Kleenex and seek obscurity or get up and back out there into limelight.  Kristen will be appearing at the MTV VMA show but as we learn only with special conditions.

Mike Walker in The National Enquirer Print Edition, September 3rd itemizes the stringent conditions Kristen has demanded for her appearance:  Kristen Stewart is terrified of getting booed and heckled at the MTV Video Music Awards – and she started driving producers batty with new demands, which include: (1) ‘Nobody can make fun of me!’  Host comic Kevin Hart CANNOT crack jokes or many ANY mention of her cheaty-cheaty-bang-bang triangle with Rob Pattinson and married ‘Snow White’ director Rupert Sanders. (2) Ditto all that for ALL presenters. (3) NO red carpet walk! (4) A special security squad will whisk her through secret passageways to avoid angry R-Pattz fans. (5) She will not sit in the audience ever.  She will appear onstage, then leave the building immediately.

Had Rob and Kristen not been a couple in a huge movie franchise would Kristen’s affair be distinguished from the many other Hollywood displays of immoral self-indulgence that we report on a weekly basis?  Look at Angelina Jolie – the woman plotted and then succeeded in seducing Brad Pitt away from his sad-sack wife, Jennifer Aniston.  Angelina is now the queen of Hollywood, mother to a diverse bunch of kids, about to be married to Brad, and a special envoy to the United Nations (UNHCR).  She’ll probably be running for Congress soon.  Why the different outcomes for the two cheaters?  Please explain in the comments.  If I get any really good explanations I’ll publish them in an article devoted to analysing Kristen’s opprobrium

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