Kristen Stewart Nude And Unapologetic At Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Premiere (Photos)

Kristen Stewart Nude And Unapologetic At Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Premier (Photos) 1113

It’s here! It’s here! The world premiere of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 rolled by last night and we can finally judge the body language of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart who did walk together and pose side-by-side down the red carpet. Only… it’s kinda of anticlimactic. We already know they’re back together. They got caught kissing. They’ve hung out at bars and concerts and Rob’s even been spotted with her hand on her ass. So… it was just another Twilight premier. At least Kristen’s gold Zuhair Murad dress was kinda slutty. We can always fall back on that.

Oh, I kid! Kristen was STUNNING on the red carpet. I loved the nude affect, especially the ass shots. Who knew Kristen Stewart had such a nice ass? I bet Rupert Sanders did. Snap! Anyway, from what I’ve seen, she and Rob looked their ordinary awkward selves. They smiled at each and joked and seemed more at ease than I thought they would. Kristen stopped to do autographs and didn’t get crap sprayed in her face so that’s a good sign. Sorry, Ashley Greene, I doubt anything is tainted.

What do you make of Kristen’s attitude? It’s evident as all hell in the pics. It’s less I’m just so happy to be here and more Ya, bitches, this is my premier, right? Very unapologetic. She’s been working on her unapologetic face since TIFF where she made her first appearance post-scandal. It can come across as kinda smug and bitchy but I think it works here. She knows we’re judging. She knows we’ll have shit to talk regardless so she’s giving it to us. Vampy, if you will. It’s cool. It works. Oh ya, Rob wore a green suit. It fit well and he looked cute and the other Cullens were there too.

What do you think of the nude Kristen Stewart dress? Did it hit the right note or was it too revealing?


4 responses to “Kristen Stewart Nude And Unapologetic At Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Premiere (Photos)”

  1. andifonly0703 says:

    continues to show the world how she really gets her roles

  2. Haley says:

    Kristen doesn’t deserve to be famous. She’s obviously not successful through her “talent”.

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