Kristen Stewart To Ruin Ben Affleck’s Marriage Next

Kristen Stewart To Ruin Ben Affleck’s Marriage Next

I happen to think that Kristen Stewart has gotten a whole lot smarter since getting caught making out with the very married, Rupert Sanders, in broad daylight. That whole mess may ultimately cost her the love of Robert Pattinson and it has most certainly affected her standing in Hollywood. The home wrecker has been dropped from projects and she knows that she needs to sink her teeth into something solid and attach herself to a name that will bring her some respect.

According to Deadline, Kristen is angling for a role in Focus with Ben Affleck. Her role would be an inexperienced con artist who hooks up with the more seasoned Affleck. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who were behind the camera on Crazy, Stupid, Love will direct Focus. The duo also wrote the screenplay. Denise DiNovi will produce.

Ben is definitely a solid fixture in Hollywood, he’s a powerhouse and has proven that he can do a bit of everything, he writes, acts and produces. In other words, Ben is EXACTLY what Kristen needs to help stabilize her shaky career. However, Kristen is not what Ben is looking for if he wants to keep his marriage in one piece.  Let’s not forget that Ben was once a serial cheater and womanizing douche with serious substance abuse issues.  Yes, now he seems to be a family guy but what lurks beneath the surface?  The Trampire is certainly the one to take a bite and find out.

Can you imagine Jen Garner’s reaction to even the idea of him working with the admitted husband swiper?  I just don’t see her supporting the idea of him working on set with Kristen day after day, knowing full well what Kristen is capable of. I mean back when she was filming Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen even got close to Rupert’s wife and kids while screwing her boss! Jen could have Kristen over for dinner and even that wouldn’t ensure that she’d keep her hands off of Ben. I’m guessing Ben probably has a bit of a say in who he works with too and Jen no doubt is leaning on him to not even consider Kristen in the mix.

Do you think Kristen and Ben would work well together on screen? Should the pairing be given a shot and if it is, will it cost Ben his marriage? Should we ask Liberty Ross what she thinks? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kristen Stewart To Ruin Ben Affleck’s Marriage Next

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  • cp

    I think you should get over it.

  • eva.richterova.54@

    You’re not normal!

  • jesse

    CATE MEIGHAN, You will be soon unemployed if you will continue to write boring ans unfunny stuff like this one.

  • gff1

    First of all, the original photographers saw kissing and hugging from Kristen and Rupert. There were only pictures from one day! Unless you are one of those who think that you have to ‘screw’ anyone you kiss and hug, there is nothing that says there was ‘screwing’!! I think you and the rest of the media just got carried away in trying to create careers for yourselves.

    Now I think that Kristen did nothing to a marriage that was a good one. I hope they, Rup and Lib, can work on their relationship and make it good again. I am also hoping that K and R can work it out; they seem to love each other and are really trying to work it out.

    I don’t think that Jennifer Garner has a thing to worry about. She and Ben have a good marriage and a wonderful family. I guess you are still trying to create trouble for people!

    • emdash13

      I am continuously amazed by the lack any kind of moral compass contained in any of the commentators here.
      Look, Rupert Saunders was a 41-year-old married man with children caught making out with a 22-year-old starlet. In most divorce courts Kristen Stewart would be charged with alienation of affection and be openly referred to as “the other woman.”
      The problem with adultery “is not so much the act, but the lie that always accompanies the act.” The only reason either of them told the truth is that they were caught after the fact.
      Robert Pattinson will always be know as “Rupert” Pattinson because he was cuckholded by his live-in girl friend.

      Even if the whole thing was a PR move, you don’t go around stirring up the pot like this. It’s called “borrowing trouble.” And trouble, like vampires and trampires, has a peculiar way of sticking around once invited inside.

  • larry

    i think rupet is blame for ruining his marriage(he made that choice) ben is so much smarter!.plus is wife has a career so she wont need to sell them out

  • Anne Franklin

    This is a horrible LITTLE Blog….It is the worst… There is no truth to your stories. All you’re doing is just making ugly and mean inuendos that attempt to slander people you don’t like…this stuff you’ve written is jealous immaturity at its best…It certainly isn’t journalism. You’re awful. You’d probably get some respect if you left your opinions out and write about something with substance and make is worth reading…Don’t be a hater, get over yourself and leave Rob and Kristen’s personal lives to them….

    • Yet, here you are commenting. No one made you come to this horrible little blog. And the site is called Celebrity Dirty Laundry not CNN. Sure, you were looking for journalism.

  • emdash13

    Why not? At 40, he’s the right age. Maybe even a little young for the 22-year old Kristen Stewart. At 40-years old, Jennifer Garner is an old burned out baby maker on the downward slope. Kristen Stewart would double Ben Affleck’s net worth. The only way this would really work was if Jennifer Garner played Kristen Stewart’s mother in the movie.

  • passionson

    An outsider can’t wreck a good marriage. Lib knew what had happened as I’m sure she had been thru his cheating before. That’s why her reaction was swift. Kristen is one of many who had received a spontaneous “It’s Rupert,” phone call. K. feeling a connection to the guy, just didn’t know how to handle it. They didn’t go anywhere they could be intimate. It was so stupid on his part.

  • [Expletive] or [expletive]….excuse my language all but I am so sick and tired of this bullshit. Move the [expletive] on. This has got to be the worst, trashiest site ever. All they do here is trash on Kristen. Get over yourselves. Cyberbully much? No adults setting fine examples here. You make me lower my standards and comment. Never again.

    • Libby

      Just how sick are you……I’ll bet you wouldn’t mind another woman in bed with your husband either!

  • ferris

    stop being an ASS to her, you jerks!!!

  • Thatah

    Leave her alone! enought with that! she’s a great actress, respect that.

    • Saraneth74

      Hahahahaha great actress? You made my day with this comment. Hahahaha *wipes tears from face* Sorry but I don’t respect cheaters.

      • luke

        I nearly pissed my pants reading that. “great actress”.

  • i think this is so unfair

  • Yup, shes just his type.