Kristen Stewart Auditions for Topless Bar – What Does Robert Pattinson Think? (Photos)

Kristen Stewart Auditions for Topless Bar – What Does Robert Pattinson Think?

Kristen Stewart was spotted at LAX bound for England after Christmas with her family. Kristen showed up in a curious ensemble. As usual she looked like she got dressed in the dark. Kristen chose to wear a t-shirt that advertises a topless bar in Portland, OR called Mary’s Club with her usual uniform of hoodie, baseball cap and jeans.  The topless woman across Kristen’s back really made the outfit. I’m not sure if she is wearing Robert Pattinson’s clothes or if the club asked her for some publicity. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. They need publicity, too, in order to stay in business. Kristen has become such a big star that anything associated with her brings a lot of press.

One group who is always looking for KStew press is the fashion industry. For some reason fashionistas like Kristen’s look and feel she is great for business. Balenciaga hired her to be the face of their new fragrance. Designers get their claws out to convince Kristen’s stylist to choose their clothes for red carpet events and photo shoots. Magazine editors clamor over who will get her to be their cover girl. I can’t imagine what they find appealing about someone who is always glum, who is awkard and cannot even brush her own hair. She always has circles under her eyes. Her frown is her calling card.

I’m thinking Kristen had an agenda when she put on the Mary’s Club t-shirt to wear in public. Kristen hates publicity and calling attention to herself so why where something head turning if what you wear will get you the very thing you want to avoid? Kristen probably wants to distract us from her cheating scandal from earlier this year. Maybe if she gives us something to talk about we will stop going on and on about how she ruined a family and broke her boyfriend’s heart. That scandal just won’t die down.

On the other hand maybe Kristen thought she was being funny by wearing a shirt promoting topless women, being that she joined that club while filming her latest movie On the Road. It could also be an inside joke from her filming days in Portland for the first Twilight movie. The locals may have referred the cast and crew to the strip club for their famous drink specials and the best steak in the Pacific North West.

Let’s hope Kristen has a better outfit planned for New Year’s Eve with Rob.

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