LeAnn Rimes Nip Slip Wardrobe Malfunction INTENTIONAL At NOH8 Campaign (Photo)

LeAnn Rimes At The London Studios

We know that LeAnn Rimes is about to have a complete break down. She’s a time bomb waiting to break under the pressure of Brandi Glanville’s wrath and her own self-loathing after an affair that tore a family to shreds. While in Los Angeles at the NOH8 Campaign Anniversary, LeAnn tried to rock a deep cut tuxedo suit, but instead ended up turning off everyone within viewing distance with a huge nip slip. Has she never heard of fashion tape?

LeAnn and Brandi are in a huge fight—Brandi says she is trying to steal her sons and play perfect happy family, and LeAnn is too busy talking about herself to think of anything bad to say about Brandi. In an interview last week with Giuliana Rancic for E!,  LeAnn cruelly stated that she couldn’t have broken Eddie Cibrian and Brandi’s marriage, because it was broken before she came along. Whatever the case, LeAnn is super self absorbed and, honestly, I think she wanted to have a wardrobe malfunction! Because what does it make us do? Well, we go from talking about how awesome Brandi is for being honest all the time to talking about LeAnn and her nipple. It’s a narcissist’s dream!

We think LeAnn is disgusting and probably had a stylist help her get ready. Wouldn’t a Hollywood insider whose job is to make others look good remember to think of fashion tape? How did that conversation go? Stylist: I brought fashion tape so you don’t have a nip slip or wardrobe malfunction. LeAnn: No thanks, I want everything in full view so people will talk about my tits. It’s disgusting! I just can’t believe that this happened by accident. I mean, Anne Hathaway’s crotch shot was an accident. A see through dress can be an accident. A floppy blouse with no bra? Totally on purpose! Do you think LeAnn is just trolling for fame, or was it an honest mistake?