Lil’ Wayne A Big Loser – Quincy Jones III Beats The Stoner In Court

Lil’ Wayne A Big Loser – Quincy Jones III Beats The Stoner In Court

Lil’ Wayne is upset! Lil’ Wayne is more than just a little angry over the lawsuit he had against Quincy Jones III. This is all steaming from the documentary made by Quincy “Tha Carter III”. He originally sued over his music that was in the documentary and also his portrayal in the documentary did not show him in a good light. You know he has been busy this year with suits.

Lil’ lost and settled out of court for production royalties of the “Tha Carter III” with David Kirkwood and Deezle and now this. Lil” is telling anyone that will listen that the jurors for his suit against Quincy were “pissed off” because he did not show up for court. His lawyer played a deposition footage that was taped for the judge and jurors which the judge claimed was, “irresponsible”.

Lil’ Wayne claims that had he appeared in court he would have been able to convince the judge and jurors that the documentary was a slur against his character, and what a fine character you have mijo, maybe just a little sarcasm intended.

Well the judge ruled in favor of Quincy and awarded him $2,195,000. Lil’ is not interested in the money it is the principal of the whole thing. He also said that it was, “small change to him”. Ummm….Can I get some small change like that! In all fairness to Lil’ Wayne he said he was having a “medical emergency” and that is why he did not show up in court.

During all his ranting Lil’ Wayne forgot to mention that his “medical emergency did not stop him from taking a tour bus from Louisiana to Miami to see the Heat game, courtside no less. If I was a rational person and I had to show up in court and didn’t go, the last place I want to be is at a basketball game because you know the press is going to be there. What can I say, bad judgment bobocito.

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