Lindsay Lohan “Million Dollar Decorators” Sneak Peek, Preview, Spoiler (Video)

Lindsay Lohan “Million Dollar Decorators” Sneak Peek, Preview, Spoiler (Video)

Monday night Bravo viewers will get a glimpse into Lindsay Lohan’s crazy mixed up world. Lindsay will be a featured client on Million Dollar Decorators.  She is looking to decorate her new Hollywood Hills home.

One of the rooms featured is Lindsay’s bedroom. It is a complete mess. She has so many purses piled up on the floor that it’s almost like she doesn’t care about the items she owns. The rest of her bedroom has bland white walls sans any decoration and there are many things that look like she just dumped in the room instead of putting the items in their proper place. The furniture is mismatched and it looks hideous. Lindsay needs some serious help! It’s a good thing she called in a professional for advice.

Lindsay hired interior designer Kathryn Ireland to make over her bedroom. Kathryn came to Los Angeles from England in 1986. Her style is comfortable, family friendly and colorful. Kathryn has worked with many celebrities prior to working with Lindsay. Her client list includes Steve Martin and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Lindsay first met Kathryn at a New Year’s Eve party last year. She asked Kathryn if she could be the subject in an episode of Million Dollar Decorators. Kathryn told the New York Post she didn’t know who Lindsay was and thought Lindsay rude during their first meeting. When Kathryn asked another party goer who this woman was she was informed she spoke to Lindsay Lohan.

Before Kathryn goes to Lindsay’s house she does a little bit of home work regarding her new client. Kathryn is not familiar with Lindsay’s body of work. She enlists her sons to Google Lindsay info for her. Lindsay and Kathryn get along great, Kathryn even complimenting Lindsay on the house when she first walks in. The show spent $200,000 on the re-do of Lindsay’s house, only to find out Lindsay herself would not be shooting the reveal episode. Bravo put out a statement saying Lindsay was not available for the reveal but they got plenty of footage to use for the episode.

You can see Lindsay on Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo January 1 at 10pm EST.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet