Lisa Lampanelli Calls America STUPID and Defends O’Aubrey O’Day (Video)

Lisa Lampanelli Calls America STUPID and Defends O'Aubrey O'Day (Video)

Last week Arsenio Hall had a tough job as Project Manager when he had to put up with an overload of bullshit from Aubrey O’Day after she took over the challenge and claimed the victory as her own. In the boardroom, Arsenio began what later became a complete meltdown. Did you see the episode, if not you can read the full rant HERE.

First, Aubrey stormed off into the infamous elevator at the end of last week’s episode whining, “I don’t want to be around all the negativity anymore. The environment is so ugly. I just don’t know if this is the right place for me.” Then she came out last week and said how she was delighted about the reaction she caused in Arsenio, “I guess it’s flattering that I upset him so much”. She also warned us with a Tweet that she comes back up the elevator.

Now and absolutely not surprising in the least, Lisa Lampanelli called in to Broadminded on XM Sirius Stars Thursday about “Arsenio Hall’s foulmouthed tirade”, she insists it was violent and was afraid for her life! Oh please, like Trump doesn’t have security all around the place – I personally would be more afraid of her than Arsenio, no matter how mad he was. Lisa goes on to say that Arsenio called Aubrey the c-word … and even got violent.

Are you surprised that Lisa is coming forward and bad mouthing Arsenio and defending Aubrey? Not me, those two bitches swear all the time, fly off the handle and criticize others, even using slurs (i.e. Aubrey making fun of Patricia and Dayana in a Hispanic accent) So now all of a sudden it’s not okay for Arsenio to do the same? Both Lisa and Aubrey can dish it out like the best of them, but it’s not ok when someone does it to them.

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Lisa claims that the worse of Arsenio’s rant was edited by the show, too bad, I would love to have seen it all. “I call people the “C” word in comedy every f*cking day, I call people the bitch, whore this and that joking around. But Arsenio Hall, in the War Room afterwards was yelling the “C” word and saying I will, “something” “something” all over your face. I don’t care if you call someone a bitch and a whore, but this is when I stepped in because I thought it was sounding violent so why don’t I jump in and defend, not her (Aubrey O’Day) but for all women. I told him, Dude shut the fuck up every woman in America is going to hate you”.

Lisa ends her own “tirade” by calling America stupid if they don’t listen to her. Wow, that makes two delusional bitches on this season, doesn’t it?

So, do you agree with Lisa, are you on Team Aubrey’s side? Or, are you supposedly “stupid” like me, cause I am still on Team Arsenio’s side and firmly believe the bitch got what she deserved?

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  • Whatever

    Hey Rosie, i think you’re being very literal and a little wrong assuming some stuff, Arsenio couldn’t handle the situation properly, he should’ve told Aubrey since the beginning to shut up or whatever, instead he let her take over everything, but ok, by the way, Aubrey didn’t claimed any victory, she just told that the quotes on the box were wrote by her which is partially true. Lisa’s use of bad language and slurs are clearly in a context of comedy and her act, and her calling America is stupid was just an expression to answer to people who comment on things they don’t know everything about, however i agree partially that Arsenio had to let out a lot of stuff about Aubrey but it could’ve been expressed in a different manner, who cares if she is a b… or a wh… or anything, just focus on the relevant things about the task, she was taking over and taking credit for it, but besides, they still won the challenge! the big ideas came from Aubrey, but yes, she is very overbearing and all that, the thing is, if you are a project manager, you need to find a way to delegate people and direct them on your style of work, not wait until the end and explode that way, just say it in the moment, let that people know that you’re not gonna take that from then, and move on. 

    • Rosie

      Team Arsenio, deal with it!

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  • Jojo

    Team Arsenio, for sure. Lisa and Aubrey are full of bile; Lisa, especially, is such a foul-mouthed, loud ass, angry, rude, pitiful woman. Its hard to respect or admire anything about her, after this. She has shown herself to be a monster.

  • What’s the BIG DEAL? Aubrey O’Day IS a WORTHLESS WHORE!  And Lisa Lampanelli is just a FATTER, UGLIER version of WORTHLESS WHORE!  No shock here they stick together.  Hope they both go home soon.  

    btw, Aubrey should have hired a Public Relations Consultant instead of ruining her career before it started.

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  • Saucy

    Well, thats a mouthful. Once again Lisa is singing her praises.
    Her rantings and ravings are okay. Ask poor Dayana how it made her feel. Rememeber Lisa saying to her: shut up, shut up, shut up and screaming at her. Oh but thats okay. Dayana didn’t call her Mommy or boyfriend to come to the show because she was so upset.  I think Lisa is now feeling the heat from her racial slur, and seeing how upset America is (NOT STUPID) WITH her disgusting behavior.  Maybe if she watches the show when she gets home she will and very much should be so embarassed.  Other people are allowed to lose their cool just like she is.   I don’t think I have ever read and article about Arsenio Hall or Lou Ferrigno for that matter beating up or abusing women.  Her arguments are just excuses because the heat is on her and she knows it.

  • Malieka

    Aubrey is the most self absorbed egotistical bitch and Lisa is an ugly obnoxious disgusting woman who is obviously very unhappy inside.  They are both so self righteous.  It seems like both of them have some racism issues.  Both of them think they are the only creative ones the whole season. I never heard of this Aubrey before Celeb Apprentice. She may be gorgeous, but with that personality I think she is ugly. I have never seen a woman who thinks so highly of herself, so cocky and arrogant.  Lisa neverDayana stayed so strong to the end having to listen to Lisa’s degrading insults. Lisa’s ugly personality goes along with her looks.

  • Blackstang2011

     I used to really enjoy Lisa’s comedy but after seeing her on Celebrity Apprentice I’m turned off to her forever. What a whining evil foul mouthed ugly bitch she is. Ugly to the bone!!!