Lisa Lampanelli Continues To Bash Lou Ferigno On Celebrity Apprentice

Lisa Lampanelli Continues To Bash Lou Ferigno On Celebrity Apprentice

Week after week on Celebrity Apprentice, Lisa Lampanelli gets away the most outrageous behavior; she has called America ‘stupid, hurled racial slurs, degraded the entire Hispanic culture and bullied the disabled. Yet, the bitch is still on the show!

Did you see last week’s episode? If you missed anything, you can read the full recap HERE.

On this particular episode, Lisa was uncooperative in working with Dayana Mendoza and after weeks of verbal abuse from Lisa, Dayana failed to give her credit when Donald Jr. checked in on them during the task. Lisa was outraged and had a fit, she said to Dayana, “You are passive aggressive and I’m not taking your bullshit, you are a little fu*king bitch and unless your first words are I’m sorry, don’t fu*king talk to me, all your have to do is say I’m sorry, I was an asshole”.

Wow, strong words coming from a woman that still owes apologies to Dayana for her racial slurs, Lou Ferigno for making fun of his disability and the ‘entire’ nation for calling them stupid!

In the boardroom, Lisa tries to explain to Trump that she had a difficult time on the task and Lisa, who insults people for a living, should leave that on stage and try to act normal.  This comment sends Lisa into another tirade, she says, “this is the person I deal with (Dayana) when we are trying to think and there is nothing above the neck.

Dayana I have no respect for you because of your lack of ideas, your lack of creativity, you are the plague of this team, you have made everyone miserable because they have to carry you, I have to carry 100 pounds on my back everyday, try working with her for twelve weeks, with all due respect, there’s nothing going on up here (she points to her head). She is a female Lou Ferigno and I object to that”.

Holly crap! She bashed Lou again and he’s not even there to defend himself. Trump asks Lisa if she can give Dayana some credit, because three years ago she couldn’t even speak English and she’s doing a good job in his opinion.  Lisa’s response, “I don’t care”. Self righteous bitch, no matter how you look at it!


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