Lisa Lampanelli Lies Her Way Through Celebrity Apprentice and Bullies The Disabled

Lisa Lampanelli Lies Her Way Through Celebrity Apprentice and Bullies The Disabled It’s unfathomable how a liar and bully like Lisa Lampanelli has lasted so long on Celebrity Apprentice.  When on the women’s team she continuously boasted about her creative direction (does she think she is Joseph Schumpeter) as the women lost 5 out of 7 tasks.  True, mean and obscene is more important to Trump for the sake of ratings but what surprises me most is that her teammates tolerate her constant swearing and insults. Lou Ferrigno finally spoke up last night in the boardroom and attacked Lisa for her vicious tongue – but that got him a ride in the elevator.

Last week, Lisa came out in defense of Aubrey O’Day to Broadminded on XM Sirius Stars, calling America stupid and putting down Arsenio for calling Aubrey a bitch and a whore. Yet when Lisa walked back into the war room last week she told Teresa that if she was on her team she would be worried about that “bitch ass mother f*cker” (Arsenio) who cannot handle people that are smarter than he is, they are “frightened in general and are little bitches.”

It’s all good when Lisa has the foul mouth and does the name calling, but not when someone else does it – then she doesn’t like it.  Lisa continued with threatening Arsenio by saying, “you better hope I’m never on your team, because anybody calls me a bitch or a whore is gonna have way more problems when they call me it.”

When Dayana and Lou walk into the War Room, Lisa directs her insults towards them this time, “they have five brain cells between them, they are both f*cking useless and f*cking losers, two brain deads on my team.”

When it is time for the teams to face Trump for their new tasks, Dayana comes forward immediately and volunteers to be Project Manager to which Lisa comes back with a racial slur, “I’ll cry for you Argentina because you are going to lose this task, you have no friggin’ ideas in your head”

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During the task, Lou tries to speak up many times by giving his ideas on using their star power for the ad as well as improving brand messaging but Dayana completely ignores him and so does Lisa.  Lou says “Dayana, I think you should get an angle shot this way and this way for the branding, especially on her (female actor) because of the brand messaging.”

In the boardroom, Lou had clearly reached his limit of the abuse he took during the task and said to Lisa, “You are lucky that you are not a man tonight, because if you were I would throw you right through that wall after the last boardroom. You called me a f*cking loser, you are negative and bitchy.” Lisa was clearly upset and took what Lou said as a threat to which Trump jumped right in to defend her. Wow, who was there to defend Arsenio when Lisa threatened him?  I would be more afraid of Lisa than Lou, what about you?   After all, Lisa does look like a plumber in drag, no? Even Trump tells Lisa that what Lou said wasn’t really a threat because he said, “if you were a man.”

Lisa goes on to blatantly lie to Trump and Ivanka when they ask her if she called Lou and Dayana ‘f*cking losers.’  Lisa first says no, then says she doesn’t remember – how convenient!   Furthermore, Lisa can’t even give praise to Penn without further insulting Lou – “brain power and pure endurance and being available and accessible, put you to shame once again.”

Lisa tells Trump that Lou didn’t suggest anything, which is another lie – since he did suggest that they use their “star power” and do more for brand messaging. Plain and simple, neither Lisa nor Dayana wanted to listen to anything Lou had to say during the task and completely ignored him, then threw him under the bus in the boardroom.

I could get through all of that crap in last night’s episode but Lisa made me feel very uncomfortable when she insulted Lou Ferrigno by disparaging his hearing loss disability which he has lived with since a very young age.

The most shocking part of last night’s episode was what Lisa said about Lou’s being quiet during the task: “Lou likes to lay low and and kind of skate under, this is strategy, he only has brawn to add, nothing else.” Lou tried to explain that he has tom pay close attention and it takes time for him to digest the information because he has to make sure he heard it right – and he can’t help it, he does the best he can, he was born this way.

Lisa actually replied: “He’s uses his hearing loss as an excuse when he needs it, it’s absolute manipulation”.   Lou was completely shocked by Lisa’s blatant disregard and disrespect towards him and his disability.  She brutally picked on someone with a serious life-long disability – claiming that this disability is something Lou simply uses as a convenient excuse – this is bullying of the worst sort – Lisa is a bitch and a bully!

What I can’t stand the most about Lisa, besides her making fun of Lou, is how she is such an egotistical bitch, she says “no one in the room has said that I wasn’t the star in the room in any task”. Gee, how many task wins has she been a part of anyway?

The self-professed bitch might be forced to face her actions next when she “shockingly” breaks down in tears in the boardroom. But don’t think that will lead to her firing, Trump loves the drama so I doubt she is going anywhere. No matter how many “useless,” “loser” or “stupid” insults Lisa throws at the other celebs, odds are the bitch will be back.

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