The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Episode 8 ‘Ad Hawk’ 4/8/12

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Episode 8 'Ad Hawk' 4/8/12

The Celebrity Apprentice returns tonight to NBC with a whole new episode called ‘Ad Hawk.’  Stand by as we live blog the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details.  On last week’s show we had explosive fireworks when Arsenio Hall gave the smackdown to Aubrey O’Day.  It all went down when Arsenio reached his limit with resident “stank ass” Aubrey as he called her.  If you missed the show you can read our full recap here!

Later in the week Lisa Lampanelli called in to Broadminded on XM Sirius Stars Thursday about “Arsenio Hall’s foulmouthed tirade”, she insists it was violent and was afraid for her life! Oh , pllllleeeeasssssssssseeeee.  Check out what she had to say here!

Are you team Arsenio or Team Aubrey?  Have you weighed in yet?  If NoT, go vote in our poll and let us know who you are rooting for.  So far over 81% of our readers are on Arsenio’s side!

ON tonight’s show still reeling from last week’s dramatic Boardroom, one Celebrity goes on an emotional tirade against a teammate. With the whereabouts of an AWOL Celebrity still unknown, a verbal firestorm ignites. For their task, teams must write, produce, and direct a 60-second commercial for In the end, one team hits the mark, and the other team is left to fight it out in the boardroom, where another celebrity is sent packing. Boardroom advisors tonight are Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Special guest Magic Johnson.

We will be live blogging the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details at 8PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us.   Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info!  While you wait for the episode you can catch a sneak peek of tonight’s what looks like another explosive episode HERE!

RECAP: We start off in the War Room, Lisa is concerned that Aubrey didn’t return. Lisa calls Arsenio a “Bitch Ass Mother F*cker” and doesn’t blame Aubrey for not returning. Arsenio continues his rant, calling Aubrey and bitch and whore. Lisa tells Arsenio that he better never call her those names but Arsenio justifies his name calling because Aubrey disrespected him. Lisa is screaming and tells Arsenio to stop “bitching and whoring” cause every woman in America is going to hate him.

Lou and Dayana walk into the War Room and Lisa has a mental break down because she thinks they both have five brain cells between them, she calls Lou a f*cking loser and storms out of the room.

Arsenio won $50,000.00 for the Magic Johnson foundation, he talks to him over Skype and tells him about his cousin who lost her life because she didn’t have the money to get tested. Johnson’s new program is to set up mobile units so people can discreetly get tested. Arsenio presents him with the donations and Johnson is thrilled.

Arsenio knows he didn’t handle Aubrey correctly, but he is just going to move on and focus on his charity.

The celebrities are back in front of Trump, Aubrey included who is now “taking a stand against these bullies”. Trump tells them they are standing in the R Lounge in the Renaissance Hotel above Time Square and smart people save money in New York by using Their task this week is to create a 60 second commercial promoting Dayana immediately offers to be Project Manager (to which Lisa remarks that she’ll be crying later on “Go Cry Argentina”) for her team and Teresa for her team. The Project Manager for the winning team will win $60,000.00 for their charity.

Aubrey confronts Arsenio and tells him that she didn’t want to come back to the group because of what he called her and they really hurt. Arsenio admits to being angry and he didn’t have a desire to hurt her, he’s sorry. It takes a man to admit that he’s wrong and Arsenio is glad that she came to speak to him.

On Forte, Dayana is excited to step up with this task, she starts to come up with ideas and Penn likes that her ideas are real. It’s a love story, from first date, to honeymoon to having children. The casting is easy, just two people. Dayana choose to use two actors, Lou disagrees because he thinks they could have acted, he is an actor and they could have used his star power. Lisa finds Dayana is less annoying when she is in charge, surprisingly! Penn is thrilled that women are getting along with each other. Lou steps in and gives suggestions about taking a different camera angle to expose the branding, but she refuses, not once but twice. Lou is still upset that he couldn’t be in the commercial, Penn is leaving because he has a job to do. Donald Jr. visits the team, he thinks Dayana is doing a good job. Lisa feels that Dayana brought more to the table on this task than Lou. Dayana asks Lou to set up the logos on banners and he is not comfortable with computers, so Dayana and Lisa have to help him which causes Lisa to say under her breath that he is useless. Dayana and Lisa are working on the editing. Lou tries to make a comment about the branding again but Dayana and Lisa both won’t having anything to do with it, Lisa mutters under her breath that Lou is “Eye Candy” and really has nothing to contribute to the task.

On Unanimous, Aubrey is biting her tongue, but not happy about it. Arsenio comes up with the concept and Teresa likes it. Their concept is that a man is listening outside his daughter’s door and he thinks they are having sex. Teresa wants a fun commercial, but is worried that it is sounding a little dirty. Paul gets a makeover, he is gong to be the actor that plays the dad; a big tough guy that is transformed into Clark Griswold. Aubrey was having a tough time watching Teresa direct, she found it painful but I think she the only thing that was painful is that Aubrey couldn’t butt in. Clay is happy that Aubrey and Arsenio had words, he feels that Aubrey has been knocked into alignment. Ivanka walks in and the highlight of her week was seeing Paul dressed like a dweeb. She goes on to ask everyone how things are going on the team and all of them say it is going great. Ivanka sees that everyone is lying about how they feel and doesn’t like that Aubrey again stands up and explains the task, taking over. Arsenio and Clay are in charge of editing. They are running out of time with the editing and Teresa is not happy about it.

The morning of the presentation and Teresa wants to win.  Teresa starts the presentation  and show their video.  The video is suggestive and I am not sure the execs are happy about it.  However, the execs clap at the presentation.  Aubrey says she does not trust Arsenio.

Lisa feels good walking into the presentation – she does not think she could have done better.  Dayana presents the video.   The video was cute but who knows what the executives think.  Lou is worried he expects the boardroom is going to have fireworks.

The execs tell Donald Teresa’s team really came together.  They were really impressed about Paul Sr.  They thought that the video was a bit risky.

Dayana’s team they thought the video was very creative and they thought they showed how they could use the coupons.  They thought the video was not as much fun.

Boardroom:  Donald asks Dayana if she loses who should be fired.  She tells Donald that everyone worked hard.  Donald asks who the week player was and Dayana admits Lou.  She tells Donald that Lou helped a lot but with the creating part Lou was very quiet.  Lisa tells Donald that Lou brought very little to the table.  Lisa tells Donald that Dayana did a great job as the project manager.  Donald is shocked.  Lisa tells Donald that Lou is the week link.  Lou tells Donald that if Lisa was a man he would punch her.  Lou is upset because Lisa called him a loser.  Lisa tells Lou that she is out of line.  Donald asks Lisa what she said – to Lous and the team when they came back.  Lisa says she does not remember calling Lou a loser.  Lou tells Lisa she has a filthy mouth and she is nasty.  Lisa tells him to get ready for the elevator ride down.

Lou tells Lisa that he does not fight with women – he just told her if she was a man he would put her through the wall.  Donald asks Teresa if she heard what Lisa said.  Paul said there was so much noise he did not hear.  Donald asks Aubrey what happened to her and she tells Donald she is done sniveling.  Donald asks Arsenio if he is friends with Aubrey now and he says yes.  Arsenio tells Donald there was peace in the room during the task.  He said he probably got the right results with the wrong words.

Donald asks Clay if he think Arsenio and Aubrey made up and Clay agrees the atmosphere is good.  Clay liked working with Teresa – he thinks she is a nice women and she stepped up to the job.

Paul Sr. liked the task.

Donald asks Teresa who the week link was.  Teresa tells Donald if she loses she will bring all 5 in the boardroom.  Ivanka  asks Teresa if she had trouble controlling Aubrey.   Ivanka feels that sometime Aubrey tries to take things over and when she visited Teresa’s team she wanted to talk to Teresa and Aubrey kept speaking.

Donald asks Paul who is the star of their team and Paul says Clay.  He feels Clay is well rounded.

Donald shows the teams the videos.  Dayana thinks their video was better but Lisa thinks the other team’s video was good.

Lisa accuses Lou of just sitting around and not doing anything.  Lisa tells Lou he should grow up and this is not the way to conduct business.  Lisa keeps telling Lou he added nothing to the site except muscle.  Lisa tells Lou she is upset about people sliding.  Lou tells Lisa she is very negative and she gets the job done.

Lisa is pissed because Donald asks Lou if he liked the other team’s video and Lou said he like the other’s team better.  Lisa is upset and calls Lou a betrayer.

Don Jr. tells Dayana that they liked her presentation and thought it was good they thought the story was a bit flat and the commercial did not really show how the app worked.  Lou says he suggest that they change the camera angle and Dayana agrees he did.

Ivanka tells Teresa that they were concerned how risky their video was and they were not too pleased about how they called Paul Sr. Old.

Overall the execs loved both commercials – but they liked Teresa’s commercial more and she will win $60,000 for her charity.  So Teresa’s team wins.

Teresa’s team is thrilled and Teresa is happy she has won $60,000 for her charity.  Teresa thinks her team was amazing.

Meanwhile back in the boardroom Dayana is shocked her team lost.  Everyone is shocked except Lou – he says he is sometimes very blatant with his opinions.  Lisa tells Lou she is completely safe.  Donald asks Dayana if she would back up Lisa.  Donald ask Penn what he thinks.   Donald asks Penn if he thinks he would have done better as the actor.  Donald Jr. tells the team the execs would have liked seeing Penn or Lou in the video.  Dayana decides not to bring Penn back to the boardroom.  Donald congratulates Penn because he is not coming back.

Donald calls the three back into the boardroom: Dayana, Lou and Lisa.  Donald asks Dayana why shouldn’t he fire her – she does not really answer.  Lou uses his usual excuse he gives 110%.  Lou says he thinks Lisa has a negative attitude she uses the F word all day long.  Ivank asks if Lou saying the other team video was better is a negative.  Lou defends himself he says the reason he is quiet is because he is deaf so he has to watch carefully.  Lisa thinks Lou uses his hearing deficiency as an excuse.  Donald Jr. says he is torn because Lou  said the other team’s video was better but he does like that Lou told the truth.  Donald asks Lisa what she would do.

Lisa says she would fire Lou because he did nothing.  Donald asks Dayana why she should be saved.  Her answer is because they liked her video as much as the other one.   Donald is bothered by the fact that Lou said the other team’s video was better he felt Lou went against his team.

Donald decides to fire Lou.  Lou asks Donald to take it back he does not want to be fire.  Donald tells him there is nothing he can do – Lou is fired!