Lisa Lampanelli’s Weight Loss Gastric Bypass Surgery Miracle

Lisa Lampanelli’s Weight Loss Gastric Bypass Surgery Miracle

On Howard Stern’s radio show Lisa Lampanelli was labeled The Queen of Mean back in the day. Now, years later, it seems that Lampanelli was sick of all the fat jokes and has lost 80 pounds and now a size 12. Lampanelli was originally up to 248 prior to her surgery, now she must be around 168. But Lampanelli lost weight the good old celebrity way, by getting gastric sleeve surgery back in April of this year.

Crazy diets, good diets, you can’t name a diet I didn’t do,” she says. “Finally I said, ‘I’ve tried it all, and there’s no shame in taking the next step.The doctor who ultimately did my procedure explained that obesity risks are much greater than the risks for this surgery. I was such an overeater,” Lisa explains. “Now, I get full quickly, at three, four bites, I have to stop.” Gastric sleeve surgery removes a large portion of the stomach and leaves behind a small sleeve, restricting the amount of food the stomach is able to take in. Eventually though, the stomach will expand and Lampanelli will be able to eat more.

You are telling me that the Lisa Lampanelli’s Weight Loss Gastric Bypass Surgery Miracle actually dieted? I don’t believe that 100%. I mean sure, but really, how long do you think it lasted for? When you are overweight, have an overweight husband and an emotional eater, that doesn’t scream “I’ve tried all different diets and nothing works.” I have to call bs! If any excuse was a good excuse to eat, how could you possibly think you’d lose weight? But I digress.

Regardless of how Lampanelli lost the weight, it’s obviously more healthy since this country is obsessed with looks but continue to get heavier and heavier. “The size I am right now,” Lisa tells In Touch, “is the size I was always meant to be.” Let’s see how that pans out.

Photo Credit: In Touch

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