Mariah Carey On American Idol Is Like A Nightmare On Elmstreet

Mariah Carey On American Idol Is Like A Nightmare On Elmstreet

Mariah Carey had a stint on American Idol in 2008 and she was allegedly the proverbial Nightmare On Elm Street. The singer, diva and whistle register singer is believed to be the new judge on American Idol, after having signed a rumoured 12 – 17 million dollar deal. New reports have surfaced that claim Mariah is not a very friendly person. She’s more like Satan’s spawn on a day when too many good deeds are done in the world – angry, pissed off and nitpicky.

Sources tell TMZ, Mariah (who made her guest mentor appearance on the show in 2008) was incredibly late for her shoot at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was not very friendly and ended up nitpicking the most ridiculous and smallest details. She also ate a small child, two puppies and a kitten.

Mariah might not be the friendliest person in the world, but she knows how to make really, really good music. Mariah’s voice is iconic in its own right and has earned her many Grammy Awards and two starving cat populations.

The question is if Mariah’s diva behaviour will affect Idol in any negative way? Surely the producers knew what they let themselves in for when they cast the love child of Satan and Jason Voorhees? Will she be late for the tapings? Will she swallow a kitten again? Will she attack the make-up artists with a blow dryer and strangle them with a microphone cord?

All these questions will be answered once the new season of the show begins, but as of now, we can only hope that our nightmares are not filled with Mariah Carey “touching our bodies and rolling us on the floor” with a Swiss Army knife held between her teeth.

Let us know in the comments below if you think Mariah Carey is Tom Cruise with a prosthetic “cry for me” face.

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