Melissa Gorga Attacks Teresa Giudice With New Music Video (Video)

Melissa Gorga Attacks Teresa Giudice With New Music Video (Video)

Oh my goodness. Have you listened to The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga’s new single, I Just Wanna yet?  Let’s be clear here, none of the housewives are really singers but Melissa is likely the best of the bunch.  She can carry a tune in a bucket and it is catchy. She’s not going to replace Kylie Minogue as a gay club icon, but she’s got to be climbing the ranks!  Its got a decent beat and I could see myself letting this play while out for a run. Maybe.

Unfortunately, Melissa’s singing aspirations are secondary (at this moment) to her lyrics!  Have you taken a listen?  This really jumps out at me,

“I know you’re threatened by me, as you’re falling behind me, but I’m just out here doing, doing my thing. I hear you talking loud, make my way through the crowd, gonna let the music, this music drown you out.”

This absolutely has to be aimed at Teresa Giudice, don’t you think?  Let’s look at this realistically, it has to be about someone and Melissa is one of those women that is great at walking the line. Men love her and want to be with her while women love her and want to be her.  Any enemies that she might have made are connected to Teresa anyway. I’ve been saying for a long time that Teresa is simply jealous of her sister-in-law and that green eyed monster has spun way out of control.

Melissa is absolutely right about Teresa falling behind her. Sure they have shared the tabloid headlines but in each article Melissa is propped up while Teresa is vilified. None of the other ladies want to be in the same room with Teresa and honestly, after seeing what she’s capable of I’m guessing even her un-famous friends are distancing themselves.  Meanwhile Melissa is off in her own little happy world still looking hot, being a hands-on mom and dropping a new single. It’s pretty easy to see who has emerged the winner in this Jersey scuffle!

Do you think Melissa’s song is aimed at Teresa? Tell us your thoughts below!

Melissa Gorga Attacks Teresa Giudice With New Music Video (Video)

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