Report: Mike The Situation Sorrentino’s Drinking Again – He’s Fallen Off The Wagon!

When one has made a career for themselves basically boozing it up on the Jersey Shore, you would imagine that it would be pretty hard to stay sober. That’s seems exactly what is happening.  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s drinking again is no surprise to hear even though he was in treatment for substance abuse in March of this year.

Eyewitnesses on September 26th saw Sorrentino at West Hollywood’s London and say that he “was downing so many cocktails, he could barely stand.” If those reports are right then it’s obvious that “he’s definitely isn’t sober anymore.”

Since the final season of Jersey Shore will hit MTV October 4th an insider says “Mike’s freaking out about what he’s going to do after the show.” I’m sure the stress of realizing that once you’re show is over you will have nothing to fall back on since it seems that Sorrentino doesn’t have any real talent to speak of. Nobody is going to care about you once you’re fifteen minutes are up.

Seems strange to me that there were no news about him boozing it up or hitting the bottle hard when they were filming the fifth season of the show so I ask, why now? Is Sorrentino trying to bring attention back to himself in a way to gain the fame it seems he richly deserves. We all know knew the show was going to end at one point or another, and I was surprised that it became an overnight sensation. I’m sure nobody expected it to take off the way it did, but now they must find a skill that can be some use and I don’t think Sorrentino has any besides getting plastered, taking his shirt off, showing his abs and having sex with countless number of women. So do I think he’s back to boozing, yes, for sure.

Photo Credit: FlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET

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