Mila Kunis Fears Losing Ashton Kutcher and Dior to Weight Gain– Struggles with Pilates (Photos)

Mila Kunis Fears Losing Ashton Kutcher and Dior to Weight Gain– Struggles with Pilates (Photos)

Mila Kunis has taken a bit of heat recently, with all the tabloids claiming that Ashton Kutcher is thisclose to dropping her ass- because it has gotten too fat.  Let’s face it, this guy is a douche bag and he was married (kind of) to a skeleton in Demi Moore so it’s easy to see him commenting on Mila’s noticeable weight gain. The pressure seems to be on and Mila was spotted leaving a Pilates class, obviously trying to regain the body she had before.

There is speculation that even Christian Dior is having a real issue with the actress’ bulking up. They liked her skinny skinny, the size that she was after filming The Black Swan. You know, when she was dizzy all the time and ready to pass out!  Mila has spoken openly about hating the bony body that she had to maintain for that film and how happy she has been to gain back some weight and celebrate looking like a woman again. However in Hollywood, everyone wants to hire a stick and Mila is beginning to feel the heat of that.

If she were smart she’d be dropping Ashton rather than a few extra pounds that make her look healthier anyway!  I don’t get her choices in men. I have to wonder if Mila is one of those women that always is sacrificing herself in order to try and save her man.  Every guy she’s linked to is either an addict or a clear cut dirt bag. Obviously she is drawn to the broken kind, which is a damn shame!

Will dropping those extra pounds really make Mila’s relationship better? Sure she can change her body, but then what the heck is Ashton going to change to improve himself for her? Tell us your thoughts below!

Mila Kunis leaving a Pilates class in Sherman Oaks, CA on October 26th, 2012.

Photo Credit: CPR/Miguel/VM/FAMEFLYNET

  • SimonSays

    Good lord, I don’t like Ashton but he is NOT telling Mila she is fat. There were pictures yesterday(the same day of these pilates pics) where Mila is with Ashton and she is eating ice cream. I highly doubt Ashton cares about Mila’s weight…if anything, I’m sure he’s finally glad that he is with someone who isn’t rail stick thin and constantly worries about their image.

    Also, Mila is probably working out in order to get into shape for her new movie which she is filming in a few weeks.

  • tbone

    She is perfect the way she is. He is the disgusting d-bag who she needs to drop. Can’t even call him a man.

  • June

    Wow, he seems like a real peach to have as your boyfriend. Personally I love feeling like I’m being judged every night at dinner.

  • ceeli

    My thoughts are that you Cate Meighan are a fukkin IDIOT. There’s no truth whatsoever to this crap and Mila’s not fat by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Tiny brazilian

    I love Mila Kunis, but she looks beautiful skinny, I am a petite girl myself and if I gain weight I lose my looks, she has access to info regarding health and nutrition, it is a myth that u have to starve to lose weight, healthy foods taste better and is more satisfying than junk, if I were a public person I would make it my goal to help girls all over, women deserves to be beautiful! I wish Mila all the happiness and good looks