Miley Cyrus Talks About Her Sex Life With Liam Hemsworth To A Pal – Details Here!

Miley Cyrus Talks About Her Sex Life With Liam Hemsworth To A Pal – Details Here!

Miley Cyrus’s sex life with Liam Hemsworth was discovered with no invasion of privacy.  Unlike poor Kate Middleton and her topless photo scandal, no stealthy paparazzi were required for this research.  We didn’t need a CIA quality camera with special a hi-resolution telephoto lense.  Nor did we use a state-of-the-art FBI-like recording system like the ones used on and by Gene Hackman in the classic film, The Conversation.  All we needed to make this report possible was Miley’s big mouth, lack of discretion, and a fortuitously placed witness!  Not our witness mind you, but the old Mike Walker’s.

Mike reports on a revealing conversation in The National Enquirer print edition, October 1st that seems to indicate that Miley and Liam are behaving like a cross between rabbits and flying squirrels.  The witness claims that hearing Miley spill intimate details about her sex life was ‘more fun than reading Fifty Shades of Grey.’  Is reading Fifty Shades fun?  Please tell me because I’d rather kill myself then find out on my own. The witness eavesdropped from a nearby table as the ‘ex-Disney wild child’ chatted with a friend at Studio City’s Kiwami sushi restaurant.

According to the witness Miley said, “There’s no hold barred… the sex is wild!  Liam fulfills all my fantasies, and I fulfill his.”

Miley adding the following detail, saying that she and Liam “do it everywhere – it’s become a game to see who can come up with the most bizzare place!”

Well there you have it.  After watching Liam in The Expendables 2, a wretched piece of garbage from beginning to end, I was struck that the man who plays Gale in The Hunger Games managed to be the worst actor in the film.  That really took some doing since the movie featured some of Hollywood’s least talented people – Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Jean-Claude Van Dam, Chuck Norris to name a few of the wooden hams that punished my senses while I tried to overdose on popcorn.  So I guess we are forced to conclude that while Liam fails totally at acting he compensates in other ways, at least according to Miley.


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