Neighbors Blame Kate Middleton For Crime Wave

Neighbors Blame Kate Middleton For Crime Wave

It seems that having their former neighbor, Kate Middleton, marry Prince William and become the future Queen of England has caused some negative externalities for the good folks of Bucklebury, England. Kate’s metamorphosis to The Duchess of Cambridge has drawn lots of unwanted attention to the small elite neighborhood. With the extra attention and increase in non-locals scouring the area for signs of Kate has come a crime wave. Police say that Kate’s former neighborhood is now the number one crime spot in West Berkshire.

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Now Daily reports Furious Bucklebury residents believe the rise to fame of former neighbour Kate Middleton, 30, has drawn unwanted attention to the tiny Berkshire parish – which has a population of around 2,000.

Kate married Prince William, 29, last April and the whole world wanted to know everything about the Queen’s new granddaughter-in-law.  ‘Police have told me Bucklebury is now the No 1 crime spot in West Berkshire,’ says Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator Brian Ward, 70.

‘The Royal Wedding has made a lot of people aware of Bucklebury and thieves might be saying: “Why don’t we go and rob people there?'”

Vandals have smashed car windows, arsonists caused an explosion in a caravan and 3 burglaries have taken place in the village over the past month. In all, 12 crimes have been reported since the beginning of the year – twice as many as the last 2 years put together.  ‘The disparate amount of crime in the Bucklebury area in the past six weeks has been identified,’ Inspector PJ Binns tells the Mail On Sunday.

‘Plans put in place to prevent further crime, catch the offenders and reassure local residents.’

Kate’s former neighbors can hardly blame her for being great! She is the best thing to happen to Britain’s Royal Family in decades. If there are some low-life types who come around and make trouble then let the police do their job – but don’t dare try to put the blame on our favorite royal!!

What do you think? Is it fair to blame Kate for the bad behaviour of others? Sound off in the comments below.

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