New Couple Alert: Olivia Munn And Alexander Skarsgard?

New Couple Alert: Olivia Munn And Alexander Skarsgard? 0926

Are HBO alums Alexander Skarsgard and Olivia Munn mixing work with pleasure? According to Life & Style the gorgeous couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other at the HBO Official Emmy After Party in LA on Sept. 23.

“He kept touching her arm and leaning in to whisper in her ear,” a source told the magazine. “They were very intimate and inseparable the whole night. He kept cracking jokes, and Olivia couldn’t stop laughing.”

Skarsgard was feeling the love. He told Life & Style, “I’m having so much fun tonight. HBO knows how to throw a party!”

I am so behind this for the simple reason that Skarsgard is hot and Olivia is cool. It’s more than that actually. I’ve grown to like Newsroom. I wasn’t a huge fan at first but Munn is one of the reasons I kept watching. She has this image as the girl Justin Timberlake f-cked around with but she’s actually a really good actress. And she’s super nice and amazing looking in person. I saw her at the Do Something Awards and when lame celebrities like Kristen Bell and Kelly Osbourne walked right on by without even acknowledging some of us lesers known reporters, Olivia actually made eye contact. I should preface that by saying I screamed her name at the top of my lungs just when the carpet decided to get eerily quiet so everyone looked my way like I was a psychopath. But it got her attention at least. She turned and gave me a “You poor thing. You just made an ass out of yourself” look and all I could think to scream in reply was “I love Newsroom!” which isn’t even true. I guess I thought I could flatter her over but she clasped her hands together and mouthed “I’m so sorry” and rushed into the event. Was she lying? Did she really have to run off that fast? I don’t care. She acknowledged my pathetic histrionics and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for her. So she needs a cool dude, and although Skarsgard’s career hasn’t been as hot as it used to be, he’s still on a hit HBO show. Make it happen Munn!

What do you think of Olivia Munn And Alexander Skarsgard dating? Is dipping in the HBO office pool the smartest decision or does it just seem like a little harmless flirting? Is it considered interoffice dating when they’re on different shows but the same network? I’ll have to look into that.

Photo Credit: HBO/NBC

  • Sash

    No Olivia Munn is dating Joel Kinnaman, who is Alex’s friend.

  • Christyj

    Non-event. They know each other. Olivia has been dating Joel Kinnaman (“Robocop”), also from Sweden, since late last year. Joel has been best friends with Alex’s brother, Gustaf, since junior high.

  • I wish people would get their facts first before acting like the Enquirer or even worse Star. NO they are not dating they meet at an event and were talking. She is dating Joel Kinnaman. 1 finger salute to the person to vetting their source.