New Khloe Kardashian Nip Slip – Flashes Camera And Posts Video On Twitter

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A Kardashian behaving inappropriately on film? I may faint! Khloe Kardashian, the baby sister of the holy trinity of trash has been under the microscope ever since her lackluster performance as host of The X Factor was aired—hey, it’s not her fault entirely that she sucks. It takes a really, really talented person to look good next to Mario Lopez!—and she’s been fighting haters on Twitter ever since.

We think it is pretty pathetic that she responds to the people who don’t like her, but I guess she needs something to do between X Factor filming and Keeping Up With The Kardashian filming! And it’s not that we hate who she is as a person, we just think she’s a hypocritical, talentless, self absorbed, desperate, deeply unhappy, fame whore. She’s suffered a few wardrobe malfunctions on The X Factor, in which viewers got an up close (and totally undesirable) view of the lady’s nipples!  Of course Kris Jenner has trained her daughters well

Khloe accidentally tweeted a video of herself yesterday, in which she says “My nipples are out of control!” and flashes her bra and boobs to the camera. She later tweeted, “Did that really send out? Stop! LOL ugh oh . . . My bad.” and then, “Awko taco . . . that’s what I get for being naughty.” Then she deleted the video! I don’t know who the video was meant for, or how she managed to accidentally record it, upload it to her Keep account, and then post the link on Twitter, but she did. And I’m positive it wasn’t a move to get attention or publicity, it was an honest mistake! We’ve all done it—right?

This is just the latest chapter in the saga of Kardashian desperation. Those who love the sister trio manage to always look past their indiscretions, calling realists like me “a hater” or “pathetic.” But really, we over here on Team Brain just prefer real celebrities to self-exploited glamazons whose only paycheck has come from being photographed or getting into family feuds on the E! Network. What do you think of Khloe’s nip slip? Honest accident or shameless publicity stunt?