No Sex For Kate Middleton And Prince William, Kate Worried Baby Will Wreck Her Figure

No Sex For Kate Middleton And Prince William, Kate Worried Baby Will Wreck Her Figure 0711

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been spending so much time apart that reports claim the royal couple hasn’t had sex in over four months. I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that needs to happen if William wants that royal family he’s been talking about.

But before you start taking bets on when the divorce will be announced, relax. Kate Middleton’s belly remains flat because William’s busy schedule is taking all the fun out of the royal bedchamber. Hollywood Life reveals:

 “More often than not [for Kate], it’s a case of off to bed for the night on her own while her husband is working,” a source close to the couple tells Star magazine.

Another theory is that Kate doesn’t want to get pregnant!

“My guess is that she doesn’t want to spoil that gorgeous figure,” Nicholas Davies, author of William: The Rebel Prince, believes.

I don’t know if I’d call that figure gorgeous after the recent honeymoon photos, but I would bet she’s nervous to put on the weight. It’s obviously a thing with her. But I totally doubt Kate Middleton doesn’t want a baby as soon as possible. Kate understands her role in that family and I assume she’s chomping at the bit to get William in bed with her more so she can give the people their heir.

But I have noticed the couple have been spending more time apart. Pictures emerged of William and Prince Harry surfing while Kate was at the Wimbledon finals with Pippa Middleton. And then there’s the news that Kate skipped out early for Will’s 30th birthday and let him go out boozing with his friends ’til the early hours while she went home to get her beauty rest. Do you think the royal couple’s getting tired of each other or is Kate just getting more comfortable navigating royal life without being glued to William’s hip?

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  • Pincus_david1981

    Who care, she had such an ugly and rough figure to start with, full of aging spot, and so aged, why she want to keep it “gorgeous”, it is impossible… disgusting! William didn’t want to touch her because he knew too well what Kate looked like without heavy make up and fancy clothes, too ugly to bear..

  • Melinda

    this is the stupidest article ever!