Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 3 “Lady Of The Lake” Recap 10/14/12

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 3 “Lady Of The Lake” Recap 10/14/12

Tonight on ABC is an whole new episode of Once Upon A Time airs called “Lady Of The Lake.” On tonight’s show Emma and Mary Margaret, with the aid of Mulan, Aurora and brave knight Lancelot, attempt to find a portal that will bring them back to Storybrooke. Did you see last week’s season 2 premiere? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show Prince Charming ran into the Town Hall front lawn desperately searching for Mother Superior (Blue Fairy), who was actually one of the fairies who helped send Emma through to Storybrooke via the magical tree. Prince Charming asked if there might be another one on the other side; she said it’s possible, but that she doesn’t know, and, without any fairy dust to guide them, there’s was no way of knowing. The town was also in an uproar, and they looked at Prince Charming to be the leader, a man brave and smart enough to save them from this horrible, magical ordeal . . . and maybe even get everyone back home. To their real homes!

On tonight’s show Emma and Mary Margaret, with the aid of Mulan, Aurora and brave knight Lancelot, attempt to find a portal that will bring them back to Storybrooke. But a dark force threatens their safe return. And Henry tries to talk Jefferson into reuniting with his daughter. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, on the eve of meeting Prince Charming’s mother, King George poisons Snow White, and the only antidote lies within the waters of the Lady of the Lake.

Tonight’s episode 3 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the season 2 episode 3 of Once Upon A Time — tonight at 7PM EST! (Yep we get it earlier here) While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the  premiere of Once Upon A Time last week!  Catch a promo video and pics from tonight’s episode below!  Don’t forget to come back at 7PM EST for our recap!

Tonight’s recap:  Tonight’s show opens with Prince Charming is told they have to move back, but Prince Charming wants to continue on.  The King has someone new to fight him and they are very close.  Charming tells Snow White they have to split up and he tells Snow to meet him at the cabin where his mother is.  Snow runs through the forest and Sir Lancelot knocks her to the ground.  She asks him if he is off the round table and he says, “not anymore!”

Over with Emma and Cora, Mary Margaret is still knocked out and they are down in the pit.  Emma asks Cora why she is locked down with them and Cora tells her because of her daughter.  Emma realizes it is Regina’s mother.

Mary Margaret wakes up and she tells Emma however she thought Regina was Cora is worse.  Cora claims she just wants to help them.  Emma starts to talk to Cora, but Mary Margaret warns her not to talk to her.

In Storybrooke David tells Henry that he cannot come with him and he found Jefferson and Jefferson cannot help them.  David tells Henry he has to fix the hat and he has to find magic and magic always comes with a price.  He tells Henry to go to school.

Back in the fairytale Emma and Mary Margaret have been released and Emma is sure she could have handled Cora but Mary Margaret assures her she could not.  Mary Margaret sees Lacelot come out of the house.  He tells her he would never have locked her away if he knew it was Snow.

Mulan warns the Princess Aurora to be careful because she wants vengeance since she feels Mary Margaret and Emma killed her Prince.  Aurora is not pleased Lacelot is hugging Snow.

Lancelot brings food to Emma and Mary Margaret and Emma is freaked out.  Lancelot tells Snow about what happened when the curse was broken.  Snow tells Lancelot she cannot stay she has to get back.  She wants Lancelot to help her find a portal.  Lancelot tells her their are Ogres now and there are no more Lancelot.

Mary Margaret says she might know where there is a portal but she does not want to say it in front of Cora.  Mary Margaret begs Lancelot to let her go.  He agrees as long as she brings Mulan.

In the fairytale Snow White has been caught by Lacelot and brings her to the King.  She will not tell him where Prince Charming is.  The King is upset because he wanted Charming to replace his son and he would not.  He wants Charming to feel his pain.  Snow is drinking wine and the King tells her that he has cursed her and she will never have children.

Back with Mulan, Mary Margaret and Emma  – Mulan wants them armed and Emma wants her gun.  Mulan tells her to beware of Ogres.  Mary Margaret wants to find the wardrobe that saved Emma.  She is going to take Emma home.

Jefferson is sitting on a bench and Henry comes to him for help, Jefferson claims he cannot help.  Jefferson suggests he try Regina who has a vault with things locked up.

Henry knows that Jefferson’s daughter is looking for him and Henry tells him she is at school.  Jefferson thinks that his daughter will hate him because he left.  Henry tells him that is not true, not knowing is worse.  Henry calls Regina – she is just packing up the office because she has been asked to leave.  Henry invites her to lunch at grannies.

When she leaves the office to go for lunch Henry sneaks in to search her office.

Mulan, Emma and Mary Margaret are camping for the night.  Mary Margaret suggest Emma wait while she and Mulan go and search for water.

In the fairytale Snow has been dumped out of a carriage.  She gets up and she hears a horse coming and picks up a stick and knocks Lancelot off.  Snow goes to stab him and he tells her he knows she is going to the cabin to meet Charming’s mother and the King has send men there.

Over at the cabin Lanclot hears a noise and he tells his mother to go in the cabin and hide.  He goes out and tehre are knights who he fights off.  His mother says, “son”, Charming turns around and there is an arrow in her chest.  Lancelot and Snow come and she apologizes they did not get there sooner.  His mother says, “Is it Snow.”

Back with Mary Margaret, Aurora jumps Mary Margaret and tries to cut her throat.  Mary Margaret gets her off and Mulan comes.  Emma show up and shoots her gun.  All of a sudden they hear ogres and start to run.  Emma falls as an Ogre comes out of the forest after her.  He pins her down.

The Ogre hears a whistle and Mary Margaret screams, “Step away from my daughter!”  She has a bow and arrow and she shot the Ogre in the eye and killed him.

Lancelot takes the arrow from Charming’s mother and find that the arrow is poisoned.  Charming tells Lancelot they have to go to a lake Nostic that  has many powers, more powers than fairy dust.

Charming’s mother thanks Snow for giving her son something to believe in.  All that Charming has ever wanted is a wife and a son or a daughter.  His mother gives Snow a medallion she got from a gypsy and it will predict what is the sex of her baby.  She aks Snow if they should try it.  Snow is upset because she knows the King cursed her and she can never have children.   Charming’s mother tells her the water of Lake Nostic can help her, she should not hurry.

Mulan, Aurora, Emma and Mary Margaret have arrived at their home.

Meanwhile Charming, Snow, Lancelot and his mother have arrived at the Lake but it is gone.

Henry is a a vault it is the tomb for Henry and there is a coffin and he pushes it and there is a passage.  He goes down the stairs and there are boxes and he hears a heart beating.  He takes one of the boxes and opens it and snakes come out.

David closes the box and saved him.  Regina sent David she realized when David did not show up at lunch that David stole her keys to come down to Regina’s fault.

Charming tells Lancelot it is his fault because he killed the siren and that is why the lake is dry.  Lancelot tells him he has to have faith there may be water.  Lancelot finds a snail with a little water and there is only one sip.  Charming’s mother wants Snow White to take the sip but Snow does not want to do it.

Charming comes and gives his mother the water.  She promises she will find another way to save snow.

Emma, Mary Margaret, Mulan and Aurora come into the house.  Emma recognizes it from Henry’s book.  The room was Emma’s nursery, but she never got to spend any time in it.  Mary Margaret is upset because they never got to be a family.

Emma tells her they have to find a way to get the wardrobe working and go back.

The magic water has not worked on Charming’s mother and Charming wants to go find more.  She tells him not to, she does not want to spend her last hours doing this.  Her only regret is she did not see her son get married.  Snow asks Lancelot to marry them so his mother can see them marry.  His mother watches the wedding and dies smiling.

Mary Margaret opens the wardrobe and Emma asks where the on switch is?  Mary Margaret tells her it is more complicated than that.  Lancelot shows up, he heard Ogres were after them.  Mary Margaret asks Lancelot why he is there and he say he wants to help Emma get back to Henry.

Mary Margaret pulls her sword she realizes it is not Lancelot but Cora.  Cora changes from Lancelot to herself and she admits she killed Lancelot a long time ago.  She blasts Mary Margaret and she goes flying and then Emma.  Cora wants the wardrobe.

Cora thanks Snow she has been looking for a way over for a long time.  Cora wants to see her daughter is has been too long and she wants to meet her grandchild.  Emma creates a fire on the ground and Cora sees it and throws a fireball at Emma, Mulan steps in a throws it at Cora.  Cora disappears in a cloud of smoke and says, “We are not done.”  Meanwhile the wardrobe goes on fire.

Charming tries to give Snow his mother’s medallion and she is upset all of a sudden the medallion stars to move and she realizes she is with child.  Charming tells her they are going to take over the kingdom and they are going to do it as a family.

Snow realizes that Lancelot did not give Charming’s mother the water from the Lake, he put it in the wedding chalice, snow drank it and it broke the curse.

Mulan is upset that Cora fooled them all.  Mulan wants Mary Margaret to lead them now that Lancelot is gone.  Emma tells Mary Margaret she is sorry that she set the wardrobe on fire but she could not let Cora get to Henry.  Emma has been so mad at her mother for so long and now she understands Mary Margaret did it all for her and put her first.  Emma says she is not use to people putting her first and Mary Margaret tells her to get use to it.

Mary Margaret looks at the room and she sees it as it use to be, she sobs and leaves the room.  Cora appears after she left and has a potion bottle with something in it.

Jefferson goes to school and calls for his daughter Grace.  She tells him, she knew he would find her.  Henry watches.

David comes over and tells Henry he has been thinking that Henry has to start helping, they need to do this together.  He has bought 2 swords and he tells Henry he is the grandson of a price and he needs his help.  Henry asks if he will teach him to fight a dragon.  The two start to fight with the swords.

Meanwhile, the King George is watching Henry and David….