Paris Jackson and Olympian Tom Daley: She Is Obsessed And In Love

Paris Jackson and Olympian Tom Daley: She Is Obsessed And In Love

Paris Jackson obsessed and in love? I’ve always defended Paris Jackson’s crazy Twitter antics. Considering how young she is, it doesn’t seem right that she is surrounded by so much technology. Where is her guardian? Why isn’t she doing school stuff—sport practice, homework, group projects? Maybe I’m just old but it seems like she needs a technology detox. She’s taken to her Twitter, Instagram, and Formspring accounts to dish about some pretty hot topics—celebrities, politics, and, of course, defending her dad, Michael Jackson, but the new story may be about what she isn’t saying. A source reports that the young teen uses her Twitter mostly to stalk the Olympic diver Tom Daley.

English diver Tom Daley won the bronze this summer at the London Olympics during his 10m platform dive. The 18-year-old athlete certainly has a One Direction look about him (except, of course, that under all of that hair is the body of an Olympic athlete as opposed to a too-skinney kid in tiny pants), and Paris has a huge crush on him. The source explained, “she thinks he’s perfect.” Nothing wrong with a little crush, right? But in this age of technology, it is a fine line between a teenage crush and an unhealthy obsession. The source continued, “Paris checks Tom’s Twitter feed several times a day and is just desperate to meet him.”

I don’t want to target Paris, because this is a problem for a lot of kids now. And I don’t want to sound like an old prude either. But the girl is 14. She is already struggling with her father’s death (be it murder or suicide, I’m not opening that can of worms here), having too much money and crazy manipulative family members, and should be focusing on school and being a kid, not stalking British Olympians. Is it too much to ask that an aunt or friend’s parent step in and unplug this girl?  Of course when Janet Jackson tried that things didn’t work out so well…

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  • april showers

    Yea to bad her dad wasnt here, I am sure the world agrees that if “he”
    was still alive his children would be of upmost important in his life.

    Would be a shame if he were alive and never spend a day with his children.

  • Kelly

    If Michael was here (as he should be) the kids would never be on a social website, Michael monitored their computer use. There are many things that since his death I’m sure he has turned in his grave a million times. Katherine is not doing her job as guardian, MJ would be soooo upset at whats been happening. He’d never want them on Oprah, he’d never want them pimpin’ a Mr. Pink drink, and tons of other crap. He wanted them to be kids first but…thanks to dr. death the kids dont have their dad anymore.

    • april showers

      yea once again I have to stress, too bad their dad was not around. Just too bad. Imagine what the world would think if they found him alive and he did nothing to participate in his children’s lives.

      I am curious thought why did you state (as he should be)