Patrick Dempsey Is A Superhero, Pulls Teen From Wrecked Car

Patrick Dempsey Is A Superhero, Pulls Teen From Wrecked Car

Patrick Dempsey isn’t just a race car driver and a fake doctor . . . now he’s a borderline superhero! The actor came to the aid of a young teen driver who flipped his car right in front of the actor’s Malibu pad. Apparently, the accident occurred on Tuesday around 5PM.

The teen driver allegedly lost control of his vehicle — a Mustang — and, as TMZ reports, it overturned repeatedly, ultimately landing in the actor’s front yard.

TMZ exclusively reports:

The accident occurred Tuesday at around 5pm, right next to Dempsey’s Malibu pad. Ayoung driver lost control of his Mustang and it overturned repeatedly, crashing into the actor’s front yard. We’re told the car was TOTALED.

The Dempsinator (let it be known that CDL has birthed this title), with a crow bar in hand, rushed to the teen’s aid and pried him out of the wreckage. The victim suffered a slight concussion, but, miraculously, he suffered no fatal injuries. 911 was called, the police came, and Patrick strutted back into his Malibu home undoubtedly feeling like a complete and total badass.

Should we get The Dempsinator a cape, mask, and super awesome Dempsey-Mobile? Who out there wants to be his sidekick?

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