People Fear Kate Middleton Will Make A Horrible Queen

People Fear Kate Middleton Will Make A Horrible Queen

All eyes are on the happenings surrounding the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the UK  right now and, as Kate Middleton stands beside Prince William, one very large, royal question has been raised: Will Kate Middleton make a good queen?

Kate looked ravishing Sunday on the 1000-boat pageant held on the Thames River, which celebrated Queen Granny’s 60 years on the throne. A palace insider revealed the big Queen question, “Everyone is also looking ahead, wondering what kind of queen Catherine will be one day.” The question raises a few fundamental issues with the royal family, as the Queen’s life long reign will soon come to an end and Prince Charles will take over. His reign will be a short lived one and then his first born son, Prince William, will take over and the title of Queen will be bestowed upon Kate.

The insider source speculated, “Will she be a voice of wisdom as King William handles matters of state and Parliament? Or will she remain mere eye candy with the excess baggage?” The source continues to explain the baggage which Kate seems to carry, “Her brother sells cakes with rude icing slogans (they’ve since been removed from his site), her cousin is a burlesque striptease artist trying to land her own reality show in the U.S., and her sister increasingly looks like she’s going to ‘do a Fergie‘ and opt for a commercially driven life after her first book hits stores later this year.”

This is a tricky balancing act for Kate, as it now seems that she will one day have to carry the dignity and regality of the oldest monarchy in the world, with extensive familial issues. Her mother has been labeled by royal watchers as a “money hungry, fame chasing mother,” which has not really been the best PR for Kate. Pippa is the darling of the world currently, as everyone is watching every single move she makes, with or without the approval of her sister.

Assuming Kate knew about the responsibilities of her marriage, surely she is able to handle the pressure of such a title? She didn’t marry into the Kardashians (that would have been too short lived), but she married into the most famous family in the world (yes, Kardashian bitches, there’s a more famous family than yours). We will keep our eyes on the Duchess of Cambridge, setting our hopes on one of the most important reigns in the history of the British monarchy.

God Save The Queen.

3 responses to “People Fear Kate Middleton Will Make A Horrible Queen”

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  2. Pincusdavid1981 says:

    She will, because she is evil and fame-driven, she never got a job and never show any capabiltiy, except dress+hair. She looks so old and evil, fake!

  3. Ken Mitchell says:

    Kate Middleton will never be Queen like Elizabeth or Victoria was, any more than Prince Phillip was the King.  For the wife of a King, she gets the _title_ of “Queen”, but she doesn’t get the power;  and cannot inherit it.