Police Raid Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans After Gary Head Calls The Cops

Police Raid Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans After Gary Head Calls The Cops

The police raided Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evan’s home and Keiffer Delp had to take a runner!  All this action was precipitated by Jenelle’s other man, Gary Head, calling the cops on her.  Last night, RadarOnline posted a story with a source that claimed the cops came to Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans’s house and chased her ex and/or current flame, Kieffer Delp, away.

Celeb Dirty Laundry noted this story but was not able to confirm it until today.

Earlier today, someone claiming to be Jenelle posted under the Twitter handle of Nicholas Mullen (who is a friend of Jenelle’s who sees her on a regular basis), “This is jenelle. Gary called the cops on me and they came and told me to put a no contact order on him,” referring to her ex-boyfriend of one day, Gary Head.

Exclusive: Gary Head Denies To Our Reporter That He Called The Cops On Jenelle Evans!

Why did Gary calls the cops?

It all started yesterday, when Gary and Jenelle broke up for what seems like the hundredth time in the past few weeks, after Gary called Jenelle and Kieffer answered her phone.

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Normally, this is not a police matter, but Jenelle is still on probation, which means that she is still subjected to its restrictions, one of which specifically forbids her to be in the presence of Kieffer or any other known drug user. Though she is due in court on Tuesday to ask that her probation be lifted, as of right now, if the police were to catch her with Kieffer, it would be grounds for arrest.

Jenelle also posted a series of angry text messages Gary sent her last night, one of which says, “You played the [expletive] out of me and I’m selling you out.”

In those text messages, he also says that he and Dani (Kieffer’s ex-girlfriend) hung out the entire weekend she was with Kieffer. Perhaps this was said in anger, as he and Dani reside in completely different states.

Jenelle responds that she never wants to speak to him again and that she is blocking his phone number, but she does not deny that she was with Kieffer.

Meanwhile, Gary has launched a Twitter smear campaign of his own and took a shot at Jenelle’s parenting skills (or lack thereof). “She spent more time on my dick than with jace. That kid has always been on the backburner,” he tweeted.

Jenelle is due in court on Tuesday to ask that her probation be lifted.

What do you think guys? Team Gary or Team Jenelle?