Prince Harry Nude Pictures On Playgirl – The Next Royal Assignment

Prince Harry Nude Pictures On Playgirl – The Next Royal Assignment

Prince Harry is about to enter a rare and exclusive group – he is going to become a hard working royal who earns his own money.  It seems that undressing and exposing himself to his fellow celebrants in Las Vegas was just the first step in a new career for the royal dunce. Now that Harry has unintentionally auditioned his bare ass it seems that the offers are rolling in to see more of the princely private parts.

Kate Middleton must be gratified that an enterprising celebrant managed to capture naked Harry on a cell-phone camera.  I mean poor Kate has been the object of royal ridicule – at least from certain members of Prince William’s family – ever since Pippa’s wild weekend in Paris. Kate and her commoner family have also had to bear the pain of her cousin, Katrina Darling, covering the September issue of Playboy.  But now that Harry’s naked partying pics have been displayed on TMZ all suggestion of Kate being low-class will vanish.

E! reports: “I think what we all started to decide right away was just how much money the offers would go out for him,”Playgirl publisher Vincent Stevens tells us exclusively. “There’s no way in the world that he would ever consider this but you’re talking about numbers in the six figures right off the bat.

Stevens says Harry is just the fit for the pages of Playgirl.

He’s a wild party guy,” he says. “He’s appealing to a lot of people because, although he’s from the royal family, there’s sort of this untamed nature to him. I think that’s something that’s really attractive to our readers and to the general public. He can’t be contained by the royal family. He’s just a free spirit.

While Playgirl hasn’t contacted Harry with any formal offers to pose, Stevens says the 27-year-old hunk could make a pretty penny for taking it all off…again.

I think the bidding would start in the low six figures,” Stevens says, adding, “I think a million dollars is not out of the question.

Meanwhile, another entity with a female-centric focus is weighing in on Harry’s full-monty billiards playing.

I’m not sure his mum would approve,” says Adam Steck, producer of Australia’s Thunder From Down Under male revue, which treats Las Vegas fans to stripped-down Aussies and New Zealanders. Still, adds Steck, “even though [Harry]’s not Australian he’d be an amazing addition to our cast!

What can Queen Elizabeth II do?  Banishing Prince Harry to some remote Scottish castle seems like a good idea.  How can the Royal Family possibly justify their position of pomp and privilege when they have an idiot like Prince Harry, third in line for the throne, behaving like the royal version of Lindsay Lohan?  In the old days, before blogs, royal fools could get away with almost everything – but now we are here to expose them and to make sure you get to know the truth.

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