Prosecuting Casey Anthony To Show Caylee Murder Details (Video)

Prosecuting Casey Anthony To Show Caylee Murder Details (Video)

I guess some of the television networks have decided to give the new year a nice kick in the seat, hoping to score some pretty killer ratings right off the bat by capitalizing on the Casey Anthony case. Lifetime likes to reel in its predominantly female audience with their original programming that usually focuses on murder, sex crimes and other atrocities and so it’s not really a surprise that they’ve produced their own version of the acquitted baby killer’s story, Prosecuting Casey AnthonyRob Lowe stars as prosecutor Jeff Ashton in the docudrama on January 19.

Investigation Discovery is also taking a close look at Casey’s story- if you remember (and I’m sure that you do) her little daughter Caylee ended up dead with no one to blame aside from Casey. Prosecutors truly bungled the case and simply didn’t connect the dots and present the evidence well enough to convict her. Instead Casey went free and remains in hiding more often than not.

True Crimes with Aphrodite Jones will be taking a detailed look at this case that seems to be just as famous for Casey’s insane lies as it is for the child that was found dead. Aprhrodite was just as appalled as the rest of America when the verdict was read and he has decided to sit down and talk to Jose Baez who was Casey’s defense attorney for years. Baez also raised eyebrows when rumors swirled that he and Casey were also hooking up behind closed doors. Casey Anthony Bella Vita will air on January 14 and give viewers a look at what those jurors saw, or didn’t see in the courtroom.

I love investigative shows, absolutely love them, but I don’t really need to watch another minute of Casey paraded across my television either in real or reenacted footage.  Seriously, isn’t it enough already. This woman can’t even show her face freely anywhere in the country. Doesn’t that tell us all enough about her and that gut level feeling that we as a nation have towards her? What about good ole Jose, is he being paid for yet another appearance to talk about his former side piece? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. deb wilkin says:

    she is just a sexually abused child herself- who did not want a child- and who’s mother used the child to manipulate her and to keep her husband george (pediphile)- from leaving her.