Racist Rihanna And Douchebag Ashton Kutcher Vie For Biggest Pig

Racist Rihanna And Douchebag Ashton Kutcher Vie For Biggest Pig

Rihanna is a disgusting racist and Ashton Kutcher is a total douchebag – they are meant for each other.  Kittykats, who was seen creeping at 12:00 am the other night, no one other than our gal Rihanna.  This story was leaked out by a source; all of this is allegedly because none of it has been confirmed yet, (as if that is really going to happen I see big denials coming from their PR people).  It seems our Ms. RiRi was caught creeping into Ashton Kutcher’s place at 12:00 am.

Everybody is talking and we are trying to scrabble and find out a little more.  Who even knew that these 2 knew each other. Well she crept in at 12:00 am and crept out at 4:00 am-ish.  Now this could all be innocent but why would you go see someone at that odd hour, (sounds like a booty call to me).

 Now if all of this is true do you get what I’ve been saying about Ms. RiRi all along, that she is a little (Uhm..) different, to put it very politely.  Chickadoodles you didn’t get that for yourselves when you saw the pictures of her over the X-Mas holidays smoking a big marijuana cigarette in Hawaii.  Uhmmm…. (Stop playing with me, you knew).

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Then there is this whole childish/racist thing she’s got going on with Chris Brown’s girlfriend Tran.   Do you know she sent a Tweet to her of a picture of a rice cake with a face on it with hoop earrings, (unbelievable, who behaves like that?). Rihanna and Tran have gotten themselves into a tweeting war.  Chris Brown just man up and do something because this is getting more ridiculous every day.

Now Mr. Kutcher you’re not off the hook at all.  I know your people are going to say, “Oh you know people talk that’s not true”.  Look where there is smoke there usually is a fire and personally right now the impression you (Mr. Kutcher)  are giving up right now is, “ I just don’t care I’m doing me”.

 And what about Ms. Lorene Scafaria?  Aren’t you guys supposed to be hot and heavy with each other?  I can’t even pretend to feel sorry for her because that is exactly what you get when you fool around with a married man, so let her handle that.

Now Ashton this is your time to be laying low and keeping it quiet, (sigh), I guess that would be asking too much.  I mean you are 10 years older than RiRi shouldn’t the older person know better.  Ok kats I’m signing out let’s see what happens.

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3 responses to “Racist Rihanna And Douchebag Ashton Kutcher Vie For Biggest Pig”

  1. Zoey says:

    Wow! And a racist douchbag writing this article is just perfect. Dont these empty headed journos have any other work?

  2. AJ says:

    We do not have the rights to dictate how they choose to live them, and we certainly do not have the rights to try and actively force people to do something.

  3. Trixie says:

    all nigg@#s are racists. so she hates asians,,, she better never tour ASIA because her beating from Chris Brown will look like child’s play.