Melissa Gorga Demands Teresa Giudice Quit Reality TV Or Lose Her Family

Melissa Gorga Demands Teresa Giudice Quit Reality TV Or Lose Her Family

Most people would go out of their way to protect their family and do what ever is necessary to keep their kids out of harms way.  Unfortunately, “most people” does not refer to Real Housewife of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice, so says her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga.  In a recent interview Melissa has stated “If reality TV is causing her family a lot of stress, then she should walk away. But I don’t think she’s there yet.”  This comes in the wake of the Real Housewives reunion in which Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga got into a nasty argument and have yet to speak to each other since.

Teresa recently admitted “Fame has ruined my family.”  Her daughter, Gia, has also admitted to being teased at school due to her mother’s antics on the show.  Being the true narcissist that she is, Teresa Giudice has signed on for another season of Real Housewives of New Jersey leading many to speculate whether or not she has her family’s best interests at heart.

Like I said, most people would go out of their way to protect their family.  Teresa’s love for the spotlight is in fact hurting the people she claims to love the most, though I have long suspected that all of the Housewives, regardless of which city they are taping in, care only for themselves as is evident here.  The moment they agreed to be on a reality TV show, a reality show in which cat fights are the norm, is the moment they let go of any privacy and safety in their family’s life.  More so for Teresa, who has the most overly-dramatic personality on the show.  Of course, no one’s going to tune in if everyone on the show is happy as can be and the best of friends.  At least no one I know…

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4 responses to “Melissa Gorga Demands Teresa Giudice Quit Reality TV Or Lose Her Family”

  1. One sided article much?

  2. elizabeth green says:

    how dare she say something like that! she should get off the show with her fake smile and ass. so stupid.. after joining the show behind Tre’s back. If bravo really wanted them, they would have cast her since season 1. so desperate its disgusting! who needs enemies when you have family like this. she should move her ass far far far way!

  3. Bittina says:

    That dress is ugly and so is Melissa. She and Kathy are doing to Teresa what they say she does to them. She and the other one made things worse for the family by appearing on the show. Teresa was there first and should not have to quit.

  4. Enuflalready says:

    I thought Jaq was involved as much or more than Tre bc she knew what was going down before it happened and Tre only knew something was going to happen. How come no one is calling out Jaqs?? She acts so innocent all the time but I think she loves trouble. Y’know what else, Caroline Manzo is a complete boob! And if it’s RHONJ how come her spoiled brat kids are always on the show?!! Geez, what a waste of space they are, although if Lauren would get away from them and speak for herself she could be a decent 20 something. Her familly are all so mean to her ESPECIALLY Caroline! Maybe if she had better genes instead of gangster Fat Al for a grandfather…just sayin…