The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 “Reunion Part 3” Recap 10/14/12

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 “Reunion Part 3” Recap 10/14/12

Tonight on Bravo is the continuation and conclusion of the Reunion Show of The Real Housewives of New Jersey called “Reunion Part 3.” This week marks the last & final reunion episode for the NJ Ladies. All the husbands (and everyone’s least favorite Jersey resident, Kim D) take the stage this Sunday for one final blowout! Will they be able to resolve any of their issues, or is the tear in these families beyond repair?   Did you see the first and second part of the reunion show?  We did and we recapped Part 1 HERE for you and Part 2 HERE for you.

On last week’s show Andy Cohen brought Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and Kathy Wakile together again to answer some of viewers most burning questions. Joe Giudice stopped by to discuss his questionable behavior this season.

On tonight’s show all the husbands take the stage to discuss the season. Joe Gorga gets emotional as he accuses Teresa of taking his parents away from him. Jacqueline is accused of being a stripper and she defends herself and tries to clear the air about how she and Chris met. The New Jersey reunion comes to it’s explosive end.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with tons more Housewife drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” season 4! Also we have a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode RHONJ “Episode 23: Reunion Part 3″ below!

Here we go with the live action:

On the third installment of the reunion tonight, the husbands will be front and center to discuss Season 4!

Andy Cohen is at the Borgata Casino in Vegas and the wives and Teresa’s hubby is in the hot seat.

Flashback – Teresa is signing books and Caroline predicts Teresa will have to divorce Joe.  Andy asks her if she stands by her comment.

Caroline tries to speak up – Joe won’t let her talk – he’s such a bully. Caroline says Teresa airs her dirty laundry in the press. Teresa says it’s part of being on TV and the other ladies say it’s not – that they don’t talk to the press like that.

Teresa says Chris controls Jacqueline’s money and that Joe doesn’t do that to her. Joe’s being a douche to everyone.

Andy introduces a segment on Joe’s legal problems. Flashback to Joe losing his driver’s license and getting an illegal license with a fake ID, then his DUI and then the specter of him going to prison for a decade is raised.

Andy asks Joe what’s the deal with the DMV charges. Joe tells him to call his lawyer for answers. Joe’s playing dumber than usual and says if he needed a license he could use his brother’s because they look just alike.

Andy says the chief assistant prosecutor told him he’s got a solid case. Joe blows that off – he’s too greasy for anything to stick. Andy reveals he was offered a plea deal he rejected – and says Joe’s facing 10 years behind bars.

Joe says “whatever”. Andy wants to know if they’ve told their daughters and Teresa says no. Andy said he found out about from an In Touch article Teresa had done. Andy calls her on her hypocrisy of telling it to a magazine but now wanting it on the TV show.

Teresa said they’re not allowed to talk about legal cases in process but all the ladies scream that telling a national mag is talking about it. Joe says “next.” Andy agrees. Teresa says “Am I speaking Chinese?”

Jacqueline asks Joe if her hubby says he met her when she was a stripper. She denies that she’s a stripper. She maintains they met in Chicago at a trade conference. She screams at Joe “You’re a piece of shit and I hope you go to jail.” I have to concur on both her assertion and her wish. Teresa puts way too much energy into covering up for him and he’s just gross.

After the break Joe Gorga, Rich and Chris join them. Albert Manzo couldn’t be there for work reasons. Andy brings up that Joe Gorga hasn’t seen his sister in a long while.

We see footage of Joe G and Joe G going head to head about tools, borrowing stuff and other trash talk. Joe says he’ll call Teresa’s brother Josephine to his face.

Joe Gorga says he grew up with Teresa and Joe and they were close like cousins. Gorga says a switch flipped and other Joe suddenly hated him.

Andy asked if the feud started over borrowed tools.

Joe says Gorga borrowed something and dismantled it and never returned it. Melissa said the tension’s been there for year and Teresa says that’s not true. Andy asks Gorga about why he likes being naked. A viewer asks if Gorga has ever dipped his foot in the man pool. Gorga laughs and says he’s gay friendly.

Another viewer wrote in about Gorga’s erections and inappropriateness in front of their kids. Gorgas says he maybe got on the show to get closer to his sister.

Andy breaks up another argument and asks if Gorga will step up if Joe’s sent to jail. Teresa starts screaming at everyone. Joe joins in. Gorga tells her to go ahead. Melissa said they’re moving to get away from their drama. Joe tells Gorga to pay his bills. It’s a Jersey curse fest that’s almost indecipherable up until the break…

There’s a whole exchange about Jacqueline being a stripper and that her hubby Chris told people that. Then Teresa says that Caroline told her Jacqueline was a stripper. Gorga wants to know what’s wrong with being a stripper – it’s not like they’re serial killers.

Andy breaks in and asks Gorga to confirm that he was a Chippendale’s dancer and he confirms. Teresa said she found his g-string in his room and he had confirmed it to her.

Andy asks Joe why he’s not helping Gorga and Teresa reconcile. Andy then asks about Joe calling Teresa a c*&^. Gorga says he should have hit him with a baseball bat, but he’s numb from all he’s been though the last few years.

Gorga said he moved close to Teresa to be family with her, but now he’s too hurt. Andy asks Joe what he thought about Gorga calling Teresa a bi*&^. Joe says it’s okay, but if someone else calls her a name and he doesn’t stick up for her, Gorga’s a loser.

Joe turns on Rich and says he’s lucky he only slapped the glasses off his face. Joe and Rich are in a screaming match about who’s got a business and who’s paid for what. Andy asks Rich how he gave Joe a black eye off camera. Rich says it was in self-defense when Joe went for his balls… Classy!

Chris is asked about the relationship breakdown with Dina. Chris says it’s bothered him a lot. Teresa says Dina was at the Fabellini party to support her and it had nothing to do with Chris or Caroline. Gorga tells his sister to just own it – she asks what she should own and he tells the group Teresa definitely called Jacqueline a stripper but Teresa says it was Caroline that started the truth/rumor into circulation.

To be fair, all of the women look like they would/could have been strippers at some point in their lives – except maybe Caroline… This episode is painful to watch – the screaming, the accusations, the excessive eyeliner and mascara and – ewww – Joe’s way-too unbuttoned shirt. Makes the RHOATL look like geniuses who’ve really got their acts together and the RHOBH like Nobel prize winners.

Gorga wants Melissa to tell the group how he used to strip for her. Andy wants to know if he dressed as a fireman. Gorga said he wore the elephant g-string. Andy wants to know how much money he made and Gorga says a couple thousand a night – not sure about that… Teresa says her brother was a college stripper. Isn’t that why all strippers say they’re taking their clothes off? To pay for college? I guess an academic scholarship was out of the question. And how much does a Jersey technical school cost anyway??

Has anyone noticed there seems to be an excess of commercials on this episode?

Gorga says Teresa called Jacqueline a stripper – she even said it to their Dad. Teresa says she’ll ask Daddy. “Prove it b*&^%, prove it!” screams Teresa.

Flashback to the fashion show. Some random dude approached Teresa when she was getting her hair did and said Jacqueline used to work for him at a gentlemen’s club. Teresa said if it wasn’t legit, it was a setup by Jacqueline.

Gorga and Teresa get into a major blow-up because he says she took “Mommy and Daddy” away from him. What grown people call their folks Mommy and Daddy???

Andy brings our Kim D. to talk about the mystery man at the fashion show. Andy asks her what went down. Kim says it’s a tough question to answer but that Teresa had no idea that he would talk about Jacqueline. Kim’s asked if Teresa knew something was going to go down at the show.

Gorga apologizes to Kim D for his behavior that night. He wants to know why Kim hates them. Kim said Melissa messed with her business. Kim maintains the news about Jacqueline being a stripper is legit and that she did set up the meeting between mystery guy and Teresa.

Caroline tells Kim she’s straight with her and reminds her they had a talk after the fashion show. Kim reveals Teresa knew something was going to go down at the show, but not what was going to happen.

Teresa says everyone knew beforehand. Jacqueline won’t tell who she was texting with during the show, but won’t because she says the person is still a friend of Teresa’s. Kim said Jacqueline knew something was going down as well.

Kim wants to know why everyone’s screaming – me too!!!

Andy decides to sum up – he says Kim D knew what was going to go down and that Teresa knew about the shenanigans as well. Another screaming match erupts – this time over Melissa maybe being a stripper! Melissa maintains she was a bartender and her hubby backs her up.

Andy asks Gorga if there’s a fix for the rift between him and Teresa. He says he doesn’t know. Andy says he sees tears in Gorga’s eyes. Teresa said when each of them got married they changed. Chris says “this sh&^ is not important.” Were wiser words ever spoken?

Andy brings us back in for a closing sans husbands. Andy shows how much of Teresa’s bronzing glitter got spread on him. He wants to know what’s next for the ladies.

Caroline says being on the show teaches her a lot about herself by seeing it from the outside. She says when the ladies watch the reunion; they’re not going to be happy with themselves. Caroline says they won’t heal until they tell the truth.

Caroline says there’s nothing stronger than the bond of family and true friendship. Andy thanks everyone and Teresa can’t wait to leave – “Are we done?” she asks.

Yes… finally… until next season that is!

Next week – lost footage from Season 4 – should we resurrect it?