Aviva Drescher Attempts to Talk to a Sober Ramona Singer

Aviva Drescher Attempts to Talk to a Sober Ramona Singer

I have to wonder, if the cameras weren’t rolling and these ladies weren’t getting paid would Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher even care to sit down and break bread together? I mean, in my real life if I don’t like you, I just don’t like you and I rarely feel any reason to sit down and hash out why that is. But this is The Real Housewive’s of New York City and so everything gets dragged out and happens in front of a Bravo camera.

Last week Aviva made an attempt to apologize to Sonja Morgan for calling her “white trash” (and “low class”…) and it was an epic fail. The always bawdy Sonja carried herself very well, before getting up and carefully leaving Aviva alone to talk to herself in the middle of the day. This week we move onto Ramona, who Aviva feels is truly the devil in a red dress (with Pinot Grigio stains on it no doubt). She has this crazy idea that IF she can attempt to talk to a sober Ramona then maybe things will be ok. So she takes her to brunch, where there are mimosa’s and Bloody Mary’s for Ramona to order.

Needless to say it all falls apart fast because Ramona is talking a mile a minute and angry while Aviva is just better than her (and you and even me too!). She tells her that she believes Ramona behaved like a chick from Girl’s Gone Wild while the whole cast was vacationing in St. Bart’s and well, that puts an end to any hope of an amicable ending to this chat.

While I tend to agree with Aviva’s assessment of Ramona and Sonja’s behavior together, I have to say is it really any of her business? It was a vacation where most people do cut lose (except for Aviva who while having a limb amputated must have also had a stick inserted) as they see fit.  Is it time for her to back off and just let these women do as they please and then reap the results of that? Tell us your thoughts below!

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3 responses to “Aviva Drescher Attempts to Talk to a Sober Ramona Singer”

  1. Ktbeezmom says:

    Aviva has children to tend to. She ought to stay at home and take care of them rather than jet set around with her neuroses and be a buzz kill with her unsolicited advice and condemnations.

  2. […]  You’d think that she was dealing with an out of control daughter the way that she carries on. I’m not a Ramona fan normally but at least I understand the mind of someone that drinks Pinot Grigio all day long. You can blame […]

  3. Rosita says:

    Avila mentioned that her mother was an alcoholic. I we saw
    Years of rage at her mother misplaced on Ramona and Sonja. The ladies were on vacation in a tropical luxury villa.
    Who wouldn’t party and let loose and just have fun in such a great place. Avila needs a lot of therapy to deal with her misplaced rage, anxiety issues, and warped self esteem.
    She seems like a very unhappy, dishonest person who really needs professional help ASAP!