RHONYC’s Sonja Morgan Swears Off Sex After Sleeping With Aviva Drescher’s Ex-Husband

RHONYC's Sonja Morgan Swears Off Sex After Sleeping With Aviva Drescher's Ex-Husband

Real Housewives of New York City’s Sonja Morgan has sworn off sex entirely and is concentrating on getting touch with her nurturing side. Of course Sonja may have to send out a search and rescue team to find her nurturing side before she gets in touch with it.  Sonja gave an exclusive interview to Star Magazine in which she admitted that what she looks for most in a man is money.  She also bragged about sleeping with co-star Aviva Drescher’s ex-husband, coarsely adding that he was a ‘great lover.’

Tell me, what makes certain famewhore celebs, including such luminaries as Jessica Simpson and Rihanna, think that it is cool to provide descriptions and evaluations of their sex lives?  Of course this self-indulgence in jejune self-expression is still a magnitude above filming their bedroom antics and releasing the resultant sex tapes – as did Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner.   But I digress…

From Star Magazine Print Edition, July 16th article – ‘Why I Gave Up Sex,’ we present some of the highlights of Sonja’s interview which begins with a statement by the real housewife.

I have to tame the cougar in me like a wild circus animal in order to get back to my inner kitten,” purrs Sonja, the single mom of an 11-year-old daughter by her ex-husband, John Adams Morgan, great grandson of legendary financier John Pierpoint Morgan. “I’m focusing on my business ventures, and I feel independent and secure.

Q: how do you usually act around single man? A: anyone who knows me knows that I flirt with the guy I’m attracted to, to make them feel comfortable. But if I’m attracted to a guy, I’m very prim and proper and quiet.

Q: who was your last boyfriend? A: Brian Farrell, 44, an artist from Southhampton, New York. We dated for three years, but it ran its course. That was a year and a half ago. We weren’t getting married, we weren’t having babies.

Q: no dates since then? A: I’ll do dinner and a movie, but no more of “get there after 11, gone by seven!”

Q: so no interest in any passing nights of passion? A: women aren’t built chemically for one night stands, because we tend to fall head over heels in love. My last one last three years, with Brian! After realizing this I been steering clear of sex while getting in touch with my nurturing side.

Q: who is your ideal man? A: a smart man who is into finances who takes care of the bottom line while I take care of the house. A classic dandy. An English type. A nerd. A real man who knows how to change the batteries in the remote control. I’m a bubble, and I need a rock!

Q: are you open to finding real love again? A: the legs are not open! That’s when you get into trouble. The heart hasn’t been open because I’ve been betrayed so many times. There are many want to date me just to be on the show, and I can’t take anymore hurt… But I’ve been sharing advice with other women through my blog and my businesses, and, in doing so, it’s been a form of healing. So perhaps I could be ready for real, committed relationship with the right man. I just haven’t acted on it yet!

What Sonja has to say about Aviva and her affair with her ex: “I think she has issues with everything,” says Sonja including the fact that Sonja used to be the lover of Aviva’s ex-husband, real estate mogul Harry Dubin. “I was with him a long time before he met Aviva,” she says. “He was a wonderful boyfriend and a great lover, and we’re still best friends. Harry’s still a hot number; maybe Aviva still has a thing for him.”

So there you have it. Now you tell me how well Sonja is doing at getting in touch with that nurturing side…

Credit: BRJ/Fame Pictures