Report Card: The Best and Worst Celebrity Moms – Who Failed?

Report Card: The Best and Worst Celebrity Moms

The Best and Worst Celebrity Mom’s make the cover of this week’s edition of Star Magazine and you have to pity some of these poor little rich kids. While good old kind-hearted Sandra Bullock earns an A+ for motherhood we have Christina Aguilera the bitch coming in with an overly generous D+.  We got a taste of just how cruel and self-centered Christina is by watching her on ‘The Voice‘ this past season.  Not only did she get called a ‘total bitch’ by The Wanted but she even managed to hate on cute little Justin Bieber.

One can’t forget Christina’s nasty battle with Adam Levine and his protoge Tony Lucca because she didn’t approve of their song choice.  Like it was her freaking business anyway.  She thought  Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” was disrespectful towards women…  as if Christina is a paragon of respectful behavior!  I truly can’t imagine Christina as a mother at all – she is hard, selfish, nasty, and mean.

We also have toyboy buying Jennifer Lopez coming in with a C- and no doubt she deserves no more than that, maybe less. Jennifer is so wrapped up in herself and her man-child Casper Smart that she has little time for her twins – as the cover implies, they would probably rather just be with their nannies.  J.Lo. is all about J.Lo.  Children need love and lots of attention from their parents – good luck getting that from Jennifer and their father, the other genius, Marc Anthony.

Angelina Jolie also gets slapped with a C- but Star is basing her mark on the junk food diet on which she feeds her brood.  Nonsense – we think Angelina is a devoted mother who takes great care of her kids and provides them with a real family life along with Brad Pitt.  So what if they eat like other Americans?  Not every mom has to be self-righteous insufferable idiot like Gywneth Paltrow with her all natural organic GOOP bullshit.

Get your hard copy of Star and read all the details – we will.


11 responses to “Report Card: The Best and Worst Celebrity Moms – Who Failed?”

  1. Blaize says:

    This post was obviously written by an uptight Christina-hater. You don’t even know her. To label her as a cruel nasty bitch and a terrible just because she has expressed negative opinions is narrow-minded and only reflects your own cattiness. How can complete strangers rate any of these women as mothers anyway?

    By the way, the only reason why The Wanted called her a bitch is because she- gasp! Oh the horror! DARED not to speak to them while she was in her presence. Calling someone a bitch just because they didn’t talk to you says more about their immaturity and entitlement issues than it does about her. And she did NOT hate on Justin Bieber. She wasn’t mean to him in any way. If you watched the whole thing, you’ll see that even before he went up to her, she already had a distracted look on her face as if her mind was somewhere else. When he went up to her, she smiled at him and extended her hand for a handshake, he hugged her, he left, and then her facial expression went back to the way it was before. Only the drama-promoting media and it’s worshipful followers would twist that into a sign that she hates him.

    • Jody Overland says:

       yes i am uptight and i think christina is a useless bitch and a lousy mother – she thinks she is so great – but she sucks and i wouldn’t go see her perform if they paid me

    • Donwalker93 says:

      Thank you! Did you notice how in the article, it went from “We got a taste…” to “I truly can’t imagine”. It’s truly was a biased article. Especially that second paragraph.

  2. Jody Overland says:

     like i said – christina is a bitch – and boring as well…

  3. Jody Overland says:

     America DOES need me to tell them that christina is a bitch – most people can’t stand her anyway. 

    • Mariastawarz says:

       I agree however I totally agree with the statements made about Jlo she is never with her kids ever they are always with nannies even on easter like every mother in america we make baskets and have easter egg hunts in our yard she take them to a easter bunny house where you can see the cash register when walk in and of course casper is there lol

  4. Jody Overland says:

    victims of domestic abuse often become abusers – read the literature then comment – but i am not calling christina an abuser – just a lousy mom – and i know so much more about these celebs than i would dare say – we are NICE to them compared to what we could say

  5. Wow oh wow Jody you have no idea see if you knew anything I might respect your opinion but seeing as you clearly know nothing I dont. You think she’s useless helping starving children, AIDS, Haiti 2010, supporting LGBT and so many more.. If thats your idea of useless you are infact the ‘bitch’. And how the fuck would you know anything about her as a mother Christina loves Max he is her world and I see you’re referring to the so called abuse she given him because abusers turn into abusers 1. she has always said she would never do that 2. ‘often’ isnt always and 3. Max was in his dad’s care when HE-FELL-IN-THE -PARK which young children often do so  and it was even dealt with by her lawyer so infact you have no proof and no evidence. And you cannot call her a lousy mother because you dont her, you obviously dont see her with Max. Oh and darling most people dont ‘like’ her because they believe silly little FALSE, MADEUP articles like this. You look a bit silly now don’t you because you don’t know anything woopsy. 

    • Jody Overland says:

      christina is a nasty piece of work – talentless and tactless – and guess what? she acts like a snooty bitch.

      • Blaize says:

         Talentless? Wow you’re a moron. Either you’ve heard very little music of hers over the past decade or you just don’t know shit about music. You probably think Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are great singers, LOL. Not counting opera-singers, Christina Aguilera is one of the greatest female singers around. She’s in league with Adele, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Jennifer Hudson.

  6. Wow oh wow Jody you look like such an idiot you think someone who works with charities such as; AIDS, WFP, LGBT, helping with Haiti 2010 and many more is useless? That says to me what a BITCH you are. And you say ‘abusers often become abusers’ well often isnt always is it? Christina has always said because of the horror she was put through she would never ever do something like that and my last point about that comment which will make you look really stupid is, Max was in the care of his Dad when he got the black eye? He fell over in the park and little kids are usually accident-prone so dont you dare throw accusations when you do not know anything oh and it was settled by her lawyer to try and stop things like this oh and has there E-V-E-R been any other incidents she’s like followed all the time so we would know Max is her world thankyou very much And you say most people hate her because stupid small minded people LIKE YOU, believe silly untrue articles and don’t know the facts. Oh and why are you reading articles about her if you dont like her you wouldnt want to know? I feel sorry for how stupid you look it’s so funny.