Report: Jennifer Lopez Admits To Spying On Casper Smart

Report: Jennifer Lopez Admits To Spying On Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez is learning at last that money can’t buy love.  Despite elevating Casper Smart to celebrity status by turning her former backup dancer into her bought and paid for boy toy she still can’t trust him. Casper La Douche was caught frequenting a sleazy hands-on peep show establishment that caters to those looking for sexual encounters that even to describe here would be unlawful in some states!  Whatever Casper’s true predilections might be, one of them does not appear to be fidelity.

Now Jennifer knows that everyone is laughing at her for her pathetic boyfriend choice – not because she is smart or perceptive, but because she can READ!  The media is loaded with stories talking about how Casper uses her wealth to support his gay lovers, how he doesn’t love her, and how he cheats on her.   Even if most of these media reports are mostly false it has to concern Jennifer – she must be getting worried that ‘where there is smoke, there is fire.’  As the following Star Mag report shows Jennifer has reached the limit of her tolerance.

Star Magazine Print Edition, September 3rd details the ugly showdown that took place between Casper and his sugar momma: A source overheard the May-December couple fighting in her dressing room. “Casper told J.Lo he is paranoid that he’s being followed, and she said, ‘You’re damn right you’re being followed.  The whole world is watching you!  If you f**k up one more time, it’s over!’”

The source says that J.Lo caught him cheating with another backup dancer, and again after Star published photos of Casper entering a gay XXX peep show.

To prevent further humiliation and heartbreak the 43 year-old singer has a new system in place to keep her arm candy out of trouble.  She hired a babysitter, er, bodyguard.

Jennifer assigned Casper her personal bodyguard to keep an eye on him because she trusts the guy and knows he’d tell her the truth,” says the tattler.

Sounds like a perfect romance!  Allegedly Jennifer was overheard telling Casper that  he had a job to do and according to the source “his job is to do what she says, look good, smile for the camera, and have sex with her.”  Sounds just about like what you’d expect, right?


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  1. c'ya says:

    Jody Overland, you are pathetic and desperate making a story out of NOTHING. Did you even proofread this crap! This story does not even make sense about a normal person. It seems you and your team are the insane ones