Report: Johnny Depp Stops Drinking To End His Separation From Vanessa Paradis

Report: Johnny Depp Stops Drinking To End His Separation With Vanessa Paradis

It has now been revealed that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have been separated for the past several weeks – and Johnny has stopped the booze to win her back. Rumors started a couple of months ago that there were serious problems between the two.  In fact Vanessa expressed her concern at the beginning of February that she believed thatJohnny was unfaithful with Angelina Jolie during the filming of ‘The Tourist.’ 

Vanessa blamed Angelina for ruining her de facto marriage to Johnny by sleeping with him during the filming.  It was widely reported at that time that it was all over but the crying between Vanessa and Johnny and that they were living sad and separate lives.  But Johnny has also been accused of having an affair with Ashley Olsen last month as you will read below.

Now GLOBE reports in the April 9th print edition that the Hollywood heartthrob is cleaning up his act in order to win Vanessa back:  ”Johnny wants to get back to being a low-key family man and decided he has to give up booze again to do that,” an insider says.

“Things started to go downhill a couple of years ago when he was shooting Alice in Wonderland .  He got into drinking a lot of wine and it started to cause problems.”

“When he is playing a character, he fully embraces it.  But it can make him very hard to handle if his character is wild, like in last year’s Rum Diary.  Booze was a big part of that movie and that pushed Vanessa even further away.”

Sources say that in November Johnny was spotted partying in a New York City nightclub, and in February he was seen leaving Olsen twin Ashley’s loft.

But now Johnny has quit booze cold turkey since he is playing Tonto in The Lone Ranger – and since Tonto is sober so is Johnny!   Now Johnny intends to use his new sobriety and stable behaviour to win Vanessa back.

Vanessa better hope that Johnny never gets cast as Casanova…

  • scaramanga

    What BS you guys just reported. Can you prove all this? The fact that Ashley Olsen was in LA attending the Academy Awards the weekend JD exited the building NEAR her apartment means nothing to you? And how did JD and Angie sleep together when Brad and Vanessa and the brood of kids were always there? You morons.

    • summercloud

      Morons is right. They’re desperate for some sleazy gossip and if there’s nothing around, they seem to conjure nasty little rumours out of thin air.
      Eberyone knows Ashley Olsen wasn’t even in New York at that time, and Johnny was there to spend time with his friend, Patti Smith. And as for his so-called ‘affair’ with Angelina Jolie – give me a break! That’s just wishful thinking on the part of the tabloids – they need to credit us with a little more sense than to believe the rubbish they try to ram down our throats! As scaramanga says – you’re morons.

      • thaizinha

        Ashley was not at the Oscars. It was her older sister.

  • I wish him luck!!…Vanessa adores him, he obviously has a chance =)

  • yega

    Johnny wasn’t spotted leaving anyone’s loft.  He was spotted leaving an office building. Period.  Ashley Olsen was in LA at the grammys at this time anyway. Nobody has confirmed a separation.  The only person who confirmed anything was  Vanessa when she said the rumors were false.

  • JudeLawGuardian

    Seriously, who makes up this crap?

  • rachel

    AWESOME NEWS!!!..I’m sooo happy for Johnny and I really hope that Johnny come back with her..because I know they love each other..God bless them!

  • BadRomance

    Hey, please stop writing groundless things. Yes, agree with about their seperation, I think they split but Johnny never changes himshelf. They were together for 14 years and Johnny’s bad behaviours have just come back to Vanessa’s memory, so silly. Also, Johnny told something like ”One of the important thing is stay who you are.” We love Johnny for who is, and he’s not going to be another person, espically not mind. There is an another cause behind their separation.

    • Alandjoy

      How do you know it’s groundless,you need to learn to spell, by the way, you also make no sense,what does”,he’s not going to be another person especially not mind”,mean. And if there is another cause behind their separation,according to you,what is it.

      • Writergirl

        Vanessa beautiful? Not by any means. She always looks mean and like she is smelling something bad. Looks like a real bitch.

        • kaandal

          Oh snap,like you would know,go check yourself,I think you have a run in your nylons.

          • BadRomance

            Beauty is comparative notion. So, you musn’t blame her for she think Vanessa is ugly.

          • kaandal

            Your correct,but I can blame her for acussing her of stinking.

          • BadRomance

            Yes, you can butI think it’s immpolite.

          • kaandal

            I’m impolite,oh dear God I give up.

          • Mapoule

            He is going for girls half his age, no different
            from other guys ^^
            she is a cocaïne addict, poor girl, well known in
            France, but I havé to say, she is a great and loving
            mum. Courage to her, she needs it.

        • kaandal

          Yeah she looks like she smells bad,oh I need to lie down cause this is just getting really stupid now.

        • Mapoule Mapoule

          Cocaïne addict

      • BadRomance

        I couldn’t answer it there, so I wrote here. You’re not immpolite, but you shouldn’t blame for their ideas. I love Johnny, but someone thinks that he is ugly, or devil. Just it…. Can you see my point?

    • Alandjoy

      What”s this other cause you apparently know of? And someone isn’t changing if they just want to stop drinking.He’s been with Vanessa for 14 years,it’s called getting back to business,they have a family for crying out loud why would anyone not want to see them be happy.I’m so sick of this Vanessa bashing.She’ a beautiful woman who’s given 14 years to this relationship she deserves a little respect.

      • BadRomance

        Sorry, for my English, I’m not a native speaker.  Another cause in their seperation is ”cheating” If someone decides to stop drinking, yes he doesn’t change, but if he is stopped by his girlfriend, it changes him. I love Vanessa also I love Johnny, but they aren’t well together more. I wish them the best, both of them are beautiful, they can be happy with others.

        • Alandjoy

          You were correct he was playing at the El Rey,that in no way in proves he was drinking again uhless you were there and saw him of course,you have no proof of his cheating,unless you have some first hand knowledge we don’t know about that you would like to share.And how are they better off not together,as you say.When is any family better off not together.Why do you want them to be happy with others, is my question?

          • Layla

            That’s was me, not “Badromance”, I said that because he always drinks when he plays, everybody knows that. He drinks with his friends, they say it in their interviews.

  • kaandal

    Just one point,I’m trilled their back together.But he didn’t film “The Rum Diary” last year,it’s actually be in can,as they say for years.It was just took them a along time to release it,so you can’t blame any current drinking issue on that.But I’m  happy to hear their working things out 

  • I.m trilled to hear that their working out their problems.I never believed they were split-up anyway,but for the books,”The Rum Diary” was filmed years ago and just wasn’t released until now, so can’t blame any current drinking problems on that besides they don;t actually drink real rum while their filming,they’d never make it through a day,they dye the water,little theater trick.Thanks for great news though

  • Layla

    He did not stop drinking to get Vanessa back. He stops drink while he plays Tonto because Tonto is sober. But he drinks at night and on the weekends. He was drink and playing his guitar is Austin, March 17. And yesterday he was playing battery in the El Rey Theatre in LA. He is always playing and drinking. I’d like he stops drinking. But I really don’t believe so. It is part of who he is and he said it recently. He wont stop and we must acept it.

    • Alandjoy

      How do you know all this stuff,When did he say all this “stuff”. I just love these guys and there crystalballs.They seem to have all this inside knowledge that the rest of us don’t,yet they never reveal how or where they get there information.

      • Ayla

        I know because I follow Johnny’s fans blogs, and there we can know the truth. I don’t read tabloids. There are pictures and videos that shows a lot of things he does these days.

      • Layla

        It’s me at the other comment, Layla, not Ayla, the L did not type.

  • Liz

    NO one here reads what the gossip mags in Europe say about Vanessa.  She has been seen out about more then a few times drinking and parting with friends.  She wants to be with him when shes with him, but live single when when shes not.  It takes two. They don’t live normal lives. Quess what? yes, Johnny Depp gets seen in Austin quite a bit, he has good musician friends there.  His day job is acting, it pays the bills, but his night job is gigging. That’s what lights his soul. Everyone is about to see the REALLY good musician come out soon. Vanessa and Johnny will always be good friends. I think a person quits thier bad habits when they start having health problems anyway. But this is conjecture.

    • Didy

      Yes, acting pays his bills, but also he loves acting. Not in the begining of his career but now he loves it. He created his own Tonto, he really cares, and enjoy being an actor. And also he’ll always play and gig with his friends (and it includes drinking, of course).

  • Oompa Loompa

    Drinking too much is not good for anyone – cirrhosis of the liver, hello?  And if you have children, you owe it to them to be there physically and mentally – not stoned, not drunk.  If Johnny is having major problems, the people around him who make so much money off him and sponge off his prestige owe it to him to make him get help. Illegally if necessary. He’s a good guy, very talented, kind and generous.  What’s the point of all these post-mortem tributes and TV specials ad nauseum for celebrities like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson?  Spend the appreciation and good wishes for them by helping them WHILE THEY’RE ALIVE. Everything afterwards is just BS to get ratings and get money.

    For example, this story about him getting sober because Tonto is sober = movie PR. Why would he want to go back to Vanessa?

  • Angel

    Fake news. This article is full of lies.
    First: ” he has to give up booze again”.
    Truth is: he never stoped drinking. 

    Second: “Things started to go downhill a couple of years ago when he was shooting Alice in Wonderland .  He got into drinking a lot of wine and it started to cause problems.”
    Truth is: That character, Mad Hatter is sober!

    Third: “like in last year’s Rum Diary”.
    Truth is: This movie was filmed in 2009!

    And a big lie is that Johnny is sober. There are videos on Youtube that show him with his bottles, when he was on drums, last Friday.

    He and Vanessa are no longer together and they are trying to move on with their single lives.

  • They keep moving these messages around’so I don’t know who I’m responding to,sorry,some of these messages I wrote days ago,I don’t know why there showing up now.

  • Writergirl

    Vanessa could never be called beautiful. She always is frowning and looking very cross. She must be very demanding. Nothing but skin and bones.  A very sad creature that tries to have a career and really can’t compare with Johnny’s Mega stardom. Sad really. I feel sorry for her.

    • Emily

      Yikes, what a petty thing to write. Vanessa is beautiful. It sounds like you are very critical and envious.

  • Layla

    All I know is that I am his fan, a huge and true fan. I’ve been his fan for years and I just want the truth. He cares about his kids, but he said he’ll always drink his wine. What can we do? That’s Johnny Depp, that’s the way he is, and I am his unconditional fan. But you are not because you don’t acept the fact that he is NOT perfect. He is human, and I’d like he stops drink for his health. But I  don’t believe it because I follow him and he won’t stop. He said: “Give me a good book and a good bottle of wine I get happy”. And another thing you must know: he doesn’t gigs sober. He may one day stop smoking (once he quit, for 3 years!), but not drinking. “Wino forever”, remember? I am not gonna to quit being his fan because his a “wino”!

  • Angela Braswell Caudle

    You are who you are…….  He can be who ever he want’s…..  You cannot stop drinking for someone…..  Believe me 25years clean and sober. You gotta do it for yourself….. I would just like to see him VERY HAPPPPPY in what ever he wants, not what every one thinks he should do……Angela