Report: Kate Middleton Is Seeking Medical Help To Get Pregnant

 Kate Middleton Is Seeking Medical Help To Get Pregnant

Kate Middleton is so desperate to become pregnant and have a baby that she has resorted to in vitro fertilization techniques.  Is this due to all the pressure from the royal family and especially Queen Elizabeth II for Kate to produce an heir to the throne?  It would appear that this is the case as Star reports that Kate was spotted visiting the royal gynecologist (is there a royal proctologist as well), Dr Alan Farthing, in March – and has started ‘treatments.’

Furthermore, we learn that a source claims that Kate is so thin that only in vitro fertilization methods will be work…  Come on, Kate is not THAT thin!  For all we really know Kate and Prince William are not even trying to get pregnant just yet.  What is the big rush – Kate is only 30 years-old.  Besides we hear that Kate is beginning to resent all this blabber about her and pregnancy.

From Star Print Edition, April 16:

Just weeks away from their first wedding anniversary, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, are getting serious about producing a royal heir.  Kate has been trying to put on weight, as Star has reported, and sources now say she’s even turned to in vitro fertilization to up the odds of getting pregnant.

In early March, Star can reveal, Kate, 30, was spotted visiting royal gynecologist Sir Alan Farthing in central London.  And Insiders say that the treatments are already underway.

‘Kate is so thin that it’s been very hard for her to conceive naturally,’ one source explains.  ‘IVF may be her only hope.’

Indeed Kate’s clock is ticking, and the royal family is anxious for results.  ‘Queen Elizabeth wants this to happen as soon as possible,’ one royal reveals.  ‘She’s well into her 80’s and Prince Phillip is even older and just had a heart attack at Christmastime.  She’s already splashed out on a $200,000 nursery at Kensington Place as a no-so-subtle hint to Kate to get moving.’

Meanwhile, Kate has also started on prenatal vitamins, says one source, and is eating a carb-heavy diet to put on weight while she undergoes treatments.

‘She’s hoping to be pregnant by late spring,’ one source tells Star.  ‘The Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations, marking 6o years on the throne, will be at their peak in June.  To announce a first child for William and Kate would the crowning glory.’

All the talk about Kate being pregnant and becoming pregnant is ridiculous.  I mean just leave the Duchess alone! Talk about the romance between her and Prince William – talk about her great fashion sense – talk about her cheerful charity work, talk about her cousin the stripper (but not to the Queen!)… whatever.

Whether or not Kate ever does have children, she remains the greatest addition to the royal family we have ever seen.  Is she a prize mare?  No – Kate is a woman – a person – and there is something degrading and dehumanizing about this rabid obsession with her pregnancy.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  4. Grace says:

    If I were Kate Middleton, I would choose not to be in a Royal Family and being a married person because it is very tough, pressure, stress, worry, nervous and must follow instructions. I be single is good so I get to make all the decisions, no pressure, no stress and will not need to take a lot of responsibility as a spouse and parent.
    Being a marry person is not very easy because between you and your spouse were very good relationship together as a couple, but will have change mine, hard to always listen to each other when both have different ideas. Sometimes have argument with each
    other when can’t along well and both partner can’t give up and
    always have different ideas. So that is why have divorce chance.
    Being a parent is not easy when a mom have to suffer painful to born a child, take lots of responsibilities, teach, spent more money. The parents only have a less time for themselves and put more time for children. When the children grew up, the parents getting old and the children did the same situation as their parents when they were young, marry and make a new family.
    Doing the IVF is the fastest method way to show the successful of pregnancy, but it is not very safe to do this because think about the health condition doing this could have risk. What if a pregnant woman have health problem, miscarriage when not look after well, or might need to be abortion when the baby might not be healthy and abnormal.
    I will say Kate Middleton being a Royal Family member is the best important powerful famous people in the world, but it’s hard and have lots of work and it is not an easy position.

  5. Wan Grace says:


  6. Tinka says:

    How can anyone call her too thin, and infertile due to this? She looks perfectly healthy.