Prince Harry Falls For Kate Middleton’s Stripper Cousin

Prince Harry Falls For Kate Middleton’s Stripper Cousin

Prince Harry has the hots for Kate Middleton’s dirty dancing distant cousin Katrina Darling.  Apparently Harry saw a photo of Kate’s cousin, Ms. Darling, in all her exotic dancer glory and he was hooked!  Prince William will have to give his younger brother a thrashing if Harry doesn’t get over this quickly.

It turns out that Katrina is a model and stripper who is Kate’s second cousin, once removed. It seems that Katrina’s grandmother, Jane Darling, is the sister of Kate’s great-grandfather, Thomas Harrison. Although Kate and Katrina have supposedly and there is no way Queen Elizabeth II will permit Prince Harry to date a woman who takes off her clothing for money.

GLOBE claims to have a source who reports in the print edition April 2nd:  Prince Harry telephoned Duchess Kate and said:

“Where have you been hiding her?  She looks fantastic I want to meet her.”

A laughing Kate told him to cool his jets since there is no way she’d set up that meeting.  “I’ll save you from each other,”

She chortled.  At a recent gig in New York City Katrina did a ‘God Save The Queen’ strip act in which she strips down to pasties, thong, and crown.

The not so modest Katrina says:  “I take off my clothes. But don’t give anything away that should be for someone else.”

The source adds:  “So while Harry is still up for grabs, a fling with a dirty dancer who wears a crown as she strips off her clothes is certainly NOT going to get the royal deal of approval!”

We can be absolutely certain of one thing here – Prince Harry’s Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, would rather her grandson stay single than hook up with a striptease artist.

Image credit: Barcroft/Fame Pictures

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