Report: Khloe Kardashian Starts Psychotherapy

Report: Khloe Kardashian Starts Psychotherapy

It’s tough to be the Kardashian that isn’t as much of a famewhore as her older sisters and mother. Poor Khloe Kardashian had a massive fight with her family recently that made her yell “My family hates me!”

I’m sure Khloe’s family hates her. Khloe has been public about her fertility struggles with her husband of three years, Lamar Odom. Then on top of that, Khloe pulled the plug on their reality show which I’m sure infuriated her greedy momager Kris Jenner. The family also doesn’t keep her in the loop on their fashion line. All of these issues have made Khloe decide to start seeing a therapist.

“Kris sank so low to suggest Kim get pregnant in order to hurt Khloe and create tension in the family for ratings,” says a source, and this pushed Khloe off the tight rope. “Khloe has been a wreck over not being able to get pregnant, and Kris hasn’t been there for Khloe in the least.” So you’re telling me that Kris told her biggest cash prize, Kim Kardashian, to get pregnant for ratings? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Kris Jenner seems like the just perfect role model, kind of like Dina Lohan.

What Khloe needs to do is continue going to therapy, sever all ties she has with her family, not that Khloe is a real Kardashian or anything (check out the link for an explanation of the pic above) – Celeb Dirty Laundry has already made that pretty clear. Khloe ought to work out any kinks in her relationship with Lamar, show her family that she can have a job away from them…hosting X-Factor and get pregnant if possible – if not, oh well, adopt or get dogs.

Just because you are born into a family doesn’t mean you have to love them, or even like them. If my family tried to exploit me for monetary gain I would flip them off and move 1,000 miles away.