Report: Kim Kardashian Crashes Beyoncé Concert

Report: Uninvited Kim Kardashian Crashes Beyoncé Concert

We all knew that Beyoncé was supposed to bring out Kim Kardashian on stage at her concert in Atlantic City, but after all the negative comments she saw about this she decided to change her mind and not have Kim on stage with her after all.

Since Kim couldn’t be on stage, she decided to go ahead and crash back stage and take pictures with Beyoncé’s back-up singers for the concert, which she then Tweeted. Information from says that Beyoncé and her people are furious at Kim for doing such a thing. Can you blame them? If Kim was invited, she could have politely waited to see Beyoncé and not crash backstage and shove her face in front of the cameras to pose for pics, what a fame whore? This concert was about Beyoncé and her return to the limelight after giving birth to Blue Ivy, shame on Kim for making it all about her!

Although, does this surprise me much? No, Kim just loves doing this kind of crap so she can be more famous. She doesn’t care about what other people think or what kind of affect it’ll have on other people, as long as she gets some kind of gain from it, she’ll take it.

Beyoncé made the mistake of even having Kim there, she may be the girlfriend of one of her husband’s best friends, but I don’t see why she has to be friends with her. She can just tolerate her from a distance and only talk to her when it’s necessary, this whole buddy act is so fake and so obvious.

Beyoncé doesn’t have to take Kim to her concerts just to act it all out, it would be much better at some stupid event that they both so happen to be going to. What I don’t understand is why Beyoncé is trying too hard to build this fake relationship with such a b*tch.

3 responses to “Report: Kim Kardashian Crashes Beyoncé Concert”

  1. ellie says:

    what do you mean we all knew she would bring her out on stage?? Just becuz you read and believed MTO? What a track record they have, don’t they?  My magic 8 ball is right more of the time.    Bey let this ho come backstage to take pics with her crew only cuz she is a nice person….but obviously the talentless ho wanted a pic with Bey to show to the world her new “friendship” with the world’s biggest star.    We agree on how selfish this bish is and how she uses people for her own purpose.   Don’t turn this into a Bey thing, Bey knows what this ho is trying to do and has been trying ever since she got her claws on Kanye just for that.   But Kanye is such a moron and a fool for not seeing this.  The one trying to establish this fake relationship is Kim Whoredashian.

  2. Arivers32 says:

    Well I like Kim k . But beyonce is the one being a bitch all she did was take pic backstage wow bey need to pull her head out her ass. She is the attention whore that y the group didn’t last Kim haven’t done shit bey just mad people like her too

  3. Jrcoup says:

    KIM is TRASH. I dont blame BEYONCE for not wanting to hang with TRASH