Report: Michael Jackson’s Mother Katherine Jackson Divorcing Joe Jackson

Report: Michael Jackson’s Mother Katherine Jackson Divorcing Joe Jackson

Katherine Jackson has put up with her husband, Joe Jackson, and his womanizing for decades.  Katherine always put her children first and was therefore willing to live a sad and lonely life while Joe was living large with cheap tarts and loose showgirls.  Despite his mom’s self-sacrifice and her noble attempts to hide the ugly truth from her kids, Michael Jackson was well aware of his dad’s shameful conduct and had totally disowned the old lecher well before his tragic death. But now Katherine’s patience is at an end!

GLOBE explains in their exclusive report in  this week’s October 1 print edition why Katherine has arrived at the long overdue decision to divorce Joe.  Joe has hooked up with 33 year-old Lavinia Iskander and is embarrassing the hell out of the Jackson Family matriarch.  But even worse, loose Lavinia is MARRIED to Majestik Magnificent one of poor Michael’s best pals!   So not only is jerky Joe unapologetically cheating on Michael’s mom, but he is fooling around with the wife of his late son’s buddy.  How low can you go?

A source tells GLOBE exclusively: “This is absolutely outrageous.  Joseph cheats on Michael’s dear mother and then steals the wife of one of his closest friends? Can Joe tarnish Michael’s reputation any more than he has! It’s absolutely disgusting!

Although Joe has denied that he is sleeping with Lavinia sources say their “relationship is red-hot” and the two spend weeks each month shacking up together in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

There are financial considerations that are fueling Katherine’s urgency to divorce the scoundrel.  Katherine fears that since she is co-guardian of Michael’s children, Paris Jackson and her brothers, Blanket and Prince, then if she predeceases greedy Joe he will try to grab money that rightfully should go the grandkids.  Since several of Michael’s siblings have tried (and failed) to steal from their more successful brother’s fortune, Katherine knows full well the malfeasance of which family is capable.

GLOBE goes into detail about the nasty goings on between Joe and Lavinia and the consequent struggle and shame this imposes on Katherine.  You’ve got to hand it to GLOBE – they delve into the meatiest stories out there and through intrepid investigation bring out facts that nobody else is able to access.

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  1. Maybe you wanted to say Michael Jackson’s children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, because Paris is simply Michael Jackson’s child exactly like the others. Media never fail to write craps.

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  3. i think is better than MJ Daughter, maybe you wanted to say i never Michael mother father are divorcing, its to sad story in life.

  4. Huh MJ Father married 33 yrs old???