Report: Prince Charles Offers $10 Million Bounty To Buy The Prince Harry Sex Tape

Report: Prince Charles Offers $10 Million Bounty To Buy The Prince Harry Sex Tape

Prince Harry may be off to Afghanistan to fight the good fight against the Taliban terrorists but he hasn’t managed to leave the scandal surrounding his Las Vegas naked-picture party behind.  It matters little whether Harry’s wild party, replete with sex, drugs and hookers, was a pre-deployment bash, or whether his deployment to the wilds of Afghanistan is a consequence of that bash.  In either case the British Royal Family is still reeling from Harry’s biggest blunder to date.  What Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles fear above all is that a sex tape or video clip will emerge, possibly showing cocaine use while Harry goes wild in the raw with prostitutes.  Cocaine use is a crime, even in Las Vegas, although there is no evidence at this point that Harry knew about any cocaine or prostitutes at the party.  Maybe he was too drunk to notice…

Prince William and Kate Middleton are praying that drug use and prostitution were not part of Prince Harry’s party.  The couple always try their best to promote the Monarchy, especially since William will one day be King of England, and anything that detracts from the sanctity and respect due that royal institution damages them, even if only by association.  According to GLOBE Print Edition, September 17th, Prince Charles is taking no more chances where wild Harry is concerned.  Charles, in conjunction with palace authorities, has sent an elite group of handpicked aides to Las Vegas to ferret out any sex tapes or video clips taken the night that Harry was photographed naked.

Globe’s insider says “Whether Harry was taking cocaine or not the mud will stick if it’s proven the drug was used while he was cavorting naked in that hotel suite.”

And if there’s a sex tape that also shows drugs being used, you know there are many powerful people who wouldn’t want that to go public.  Whoever has that video could become very rich, very quickly.”

Allegedly, Charles has ordered the elite group of operatives to spend up to $10 million to buy any incriminating video clips or sex tapes and to ‘ensure the silence of the beauties and others involved.’  I don’t know about you, but I know of only one way to ensure permanent silence and it is nothing nice.  If I were in possession of the Prince Harry sex tape, given that one exists, I’d burn it and forget all about it.  You can’t spend $10 million, or 10 cents, when you sleep with the fishes!

sleeps with the fishes

Photo Credit: Barcroft/Fame Pictures

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