3 responses to “Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart Mend Broken Hearts With Google Ban”

  1. Emily says:

    Dang, when did trashy gossip sites start posting articles full of intelligence and compassion? Whether all that is true is up for grabs but it sounds right. I think it’s time to quit the stoning (by both us and her). Just leave them alone, watch Breaking Dawn, and let Pattinson and Stewart get on with their lives. Everyone will be happier.

  2. Ulanda says:

    Slut needs to wake up to reality. She’s already surrounded by sycophants she can’t trust.

  3. ap says:

    theres no happy ending with these two people unless Kristen has a time machine she can undo the cruel things she did to Rob ,broke his heart , trampled his pride ,humiliated him.its heartbreaking looking at her cheating pictures.