Robert Pattinson Relieved And Happy To Learn Kristen Stewart Cheated

Robert Pattinson Relieved And Happy To Learn Kristen Stewart Cheated

Robert Pattinson is the happiest man in Hollywood tonight. Far from being heartbroken and distressed after learning that his ‘girlfriend‘ of three years, Kristen Stewart, is a cheating home-wrecker, Rob is relieved. As everyone now knows, Kristen had a steamy sexual affair with Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White and the Huntsman.   Rupert, a total douce, happens to have a lovely wife, Liberty Ross, with which he has two children.  As if the explicit photos were not proof enough of Kristen’s ‘infidelity’ and bad taste in men, her public apology to Rob, and Rupert’s to his family, pretty well silence any doubters.

So why is Robert Pattinson happy?  The answer is simple but most of you will need to prepare for a bit of a surprise – if not a total shock!  ROBERT PATTINSON AND KRISTEN STEWART ARE NOT A REAL COUPLE – THEY NEVER WERE – THEIRS IS A FAKE SHOWMANCE PUT TOGETHER BY SUMMIT TO PROMOTE THE TWILIGHT FRANCHISE.  Yes – it is true – and we have said it for over a year – but we are going to repeat the statement just so you Twihards can absorb it – Rob and Kristen were told to be act if they were in love, as if they were a real couple, to promote the multi-billion dollar Twilight franchise – and they did an amazing job for 3 years, raking in tens of millions for themselves as a consequence, and billions for the franchise.

Now that Kristen has messed up and the story is public, Rob is free!  He no longer needs to pretend to adore the obnoxious Kristen and waste his time pretending to be her boyfriend.  Besides, who would still be stupid enough to believe that Kristen loves Rob?  I mean give me a break – she was scheming and plotting with good old Rupert in order to find time alone with him – and the front seat of a car seemed to be the perfect setting for what looks in one pic like some oral sex.  This wasn’t some Christmas party that got out of control after too much punch type of fling.  This was a serious affair – and we suspect that it is not the only one Kristen has gotten up to.  As we write this, the media is going over every move Kristen has made for the past couple of years and you can bet they will find more dirt.

As we explained in an earlier article on Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kristen’s entire apology was clearly written by those trying to protect the Twilight Franchise.  We repeat Kristen’s apology here: “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Don’t you just want to vomit when you read this embarrassment to real romance and real life?  If you love someone and you mess up badly, say by having an affair with your director, would you not at least show that loved one the respect of a private and personal apology?????  But this is not about love, not about Rob, and not about their supposed relationship – it’s about promoting Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II which is supposed to be released in a few months.  Don’t you dare think that Kristen is apologizing to Rob – she is not – she is apologizing to the Twihards in the hope that they will be able to crawl back into their delusional world and spend more money on the Twilight franchise.

But wait!  Poor Rob is not really free yet, is he?  Kristen’s absurd and transparently fake public apology to Rob means that the spinners and twisters who run her propaganda – yes Summit and her management – hope to salvage the ‘romance.’  Now Rob will be placed under tremendous pressure to forgive Kristen – let us hope and pray that he refuses to do so.  Be a human being Rob – refuse to play the game any longer.  But we doubt that he will act like a real person and tell Kristen to take a flying f***.  After all Rob has been playing this game for the past three years – what does he really care if Kristen had some fun with a married man?  He never loved her anyway…


28 responses to “Robert Pattinson Relieved And Happy To Learn Kristen Stewart Cheated”

  1. JennyLC says:

    You guys make me sick for writing such bullshit. You have no truth behind any of your articles. Get your facts straight before posting such crap.

  2. guest says:

    thank you!! I’ve been saying the same thing for years….they’re so in love but rarely seen together unless theres a movie coming out again? really not hard to figure out and twihards are too dense to see whats really going on….its always been publicity and nothing more….they are always “happy and in love” when theres a movie coming out and they needed to promote it.

  3. Kat says:

    I agree completely! Are you kidding me? Rob and Kristen NEVER looked like a real couple! And now it’s pretty obvious to why, THEY NEVER WERE! Good for him, he’s free now. 

    • Coquette769 says:

      I don’t know if this article is true, but I was never convinced their relationship was real either, they seemed so unhappy in all the shots of them together.

    • MsGoth says:

      Well then they can quit making her look like she is the total bad guy. Rob wasnt exactly Mr innocent this whole time either. I mean he screwed Nikki Reid, Camelle Belle and he was screwing his cosmo co star and several other females and then wants to dump on Kris??…now you all can stop judging Kstew..Rpat wasnt the Mr wonderful you all thought he was. Do you really think she didnt no there were cameras ?? I mean they follw her everywhere..if she wanted to really hide an affair she would have gone somewhere really hidden. You arent really that dumb are you? this was all staged..she never screwed anyone…this was a stunt to fe. beside Rpat aint all that..the man is bones for god sakigh an affair to stage the breakup..and then Rpat gets to look all wounded..please! She is free now too so get off her back and Rpat ?? quit the have been bed hoping this whole time.

  4. Snickers937 says:

    i don’t get why anyone would want to humiliate himself like that. if kristen really put up a show for 3 years to get some publicity and she didn’t feel the need to stop after being caught in action with that director, letting summit use her again with a fake apology, then really.. i have lost all faith in humanity :D

    how low can a person get? o.O

  5. becca says:

    Oh…right, their relationship has all been a promotional stunt…FOR THREE YEARS?, preventing them from having a personal, social life of their own? Not to mention that in reality they’ve just been roommates? Nah, I don’t buy it.

    Perhaps when they began their relationship, movie execs wanted to capitalize on it, not sure if it would last or not, but if not for Kristen, I believe Robert has too much integrity to play out a charade with his personal life this way.

    When I read the title of this article explaining that Pattinson was relieved to leave Kristen, I was under the impression that sources close to him might suggest that as he’s stated in the past, he finds infidelity intolerable and that he’s relieved to know sooner than later (before a marriage took place) that Kristen is not trustworthy in the long run.

    • Jody says:

      if u doubt that studios are capable of operating such promotional scams look up ‘rock hudson.’

      • Somebody says:

        Jody come on the Studio in the era Rock Hudson was employed was a different studio, the studios are not like that anymore, you know that and I know that.  Nobody would play a charade like what people are saying Rob and Kris supposily did for any amount of all are talking nonsense and should know better.

  6. emily k says:

    i totally believe the article, i recall so well when Pattison said he was allergic to Vaginas…..

  7. Rckon93 says:

    The fact that you people have an article saying Emma Watson wants to take Rob from Kristen makes me doubt anything else you have to say

  8. Mimsy says:

    I agree with this article as well and have for years. They always looked miserable together and acted more like bratty siblings who like to antagonize each other than anything. I think whatever her and ol’ Rup have going on is probably more of the real deal considering how intimate those pictures looked. It’s about time this dating charade ended, now the franchise can die too. 

  9. David says:

    Right now, it would be the best thing…

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  11. Guest says:


  12. Laugh201 says:

    IDK if they ever were, cause they barely were out as a real couple, plus when Kristen was with with Rubert, groping and smiling with him she didn’t seem to give a damn about Rob and never went out with Rob like that. I half-half

  13. This sounds like it was written by a jaded , delusional 14 year old. Oh my! 

  14. November4658 says:

    I don’t know who writes this stuff but you people are the worst and that saying alot when Hollywood Life and RadaronLine are out there.  Every sentence is a lie or defamation.  Horrid, horrid people writing lies about people.  Please give us all the details when you find all the other things Kristen Stewart has done in her 22 years of life.  

  15. November4658 says:

    I don’t know who writes this stuff but you people are the worst and that saying alot when Hollywood Life and RadaronLine are out there.  Every sentence is a lie or defamation.  Horrid, horrid people writing lies about people.  Please give us all the details when you find all the other things Kristen Stewart has done in her 22 years of life.  

  16. Somebody says:

    This is the most absurd article I have read so far on the break up of Rob and Kristen.  Seriousily–Rob and Kris put their lives on hold for 3 years and acted like they were an item-hanging out-living together etc..for the sake of the Twilight Sagas..Dr. Overland–exactly what kind of Doctor are you? No one and I mean NO ONE would ever believe such a stupid scenerio you just described in this article-Shame on you for writing such garbage.

  17. Somebody says:

    I had to respond to this rambling rant about Rob cheating,  If Rob had the affairs you claimed he had believe me their would be pictures trust me.  Rob was dating Nikki during the filming of the first Twilight movie–keep in mind he had a thing for Kris from day one but Kris was 17 and with Mike Argano. As shooting started on New Moon those feelings became stronger with Kristen’s feelings becoming more intense for Rob as well. Kris broke up with Mike–Rob stopped dating Nik and Kris and Rob started became more serious the next few years–brings us to now. People seem to forget that Rob is extremely shy so all these women he is seen with are either friends, friends of his sisters or friends of friends of friends.  He is not a player never was and never will be. So your information is wrong and here say. Not the truth.  Everyone wishes they were with him and plays make believe they were by posting lies.  Including you..BAM!  

  18. Msgoth says:

    The wife was in on the pretend affair. The pictures were too staged. it was obvious that it was fake because the pictures were too clear. If they were really trying to hide a real affair they could have ..this was all publicity for all of them..the wife too.

  19. Tori Too U says:

    ouch…..kate upton is a 3 on the scale from 1 to 10 and she aint all that pure judging from some things I have read,besides Kristen made Pattinson,he owes her that much to remain silent,but if the truth was known Pattinson has done his share of messing around with other woman too.

  20. Tori Too U says:

    MSGOTH…you took the words right out of my mouth said all the things I had plan to say but couldn’t remember the names of all the woman Pattinson was with, and this Mrs Rupert better wake up it wasn’t Kristen chasing that old man of hers it was Old man Rupert chasing Kristen and yes I am afraid to say I to believe Kristen felt her role as Snow White could be jepordized if she didn’t comply with the old Horney Man,prehaps Mrs Rupert should please her old man for he ain’t out chasing young Girls,but I can’t really blame her if she chooses not too…ugk

  21. 4241752033 says:

    Fans fall head over hills for actors that they like. I don’t believe Kristen ever cheated with any one This was all PR for Robert, Why make Kristen, look like she just give her self to any body, come and have me , Rob, is the fool this was your friend, Summit play Kristen, and you come out smelling like a rose her repartition was on the line and you said nothing. Now if all of this is true then why make Rob’s mother and sister’s so angry if it was nothing then why worry. It looked like Kristen, has a baby bump. what happen why is it gone now she has much work these days. I read that rob, talked her out of “lie down in darkness” but she say she will do it. I don’t claim to know any actor personal. Real or not Kristen has been treated like a dog