Robert Pattinson Hints At Twilight TV Series With Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson Hints At Twilight TV Series With Kristen Stewart

Twilight is ending soon. Yes, do you also hear the sound of a million Twi-hards sobbing in their popcorn? After the release of Breaking Dawn – Part 2, millions of fans will be going into detoxification mode and the world is preparing for the worst. This will be an unparalleled global consciousness.

According to a latest interview in Diario De Mexico, Robert Pattinson has revealed that a Twilight TV series spin-off will happen soon. He says, “I’m sure they’ll have a ‘Twilight’ TV series spinoff soon. They’ll do it again.” Will there be a spin-off from the worst film trilogy in human history? Dude, not even Genghis Khan would approve of this and he was like the campest meanie ever!

Kristen Stewart destroyed her career with her little indiscretion, so K-Stew might end up knee deep in a CW version of Twilight filled with Blake Lively wannabes and the Gossip Girl cast. We imagine it to go something like this, “Previously on Twilight: The Gossip Girl Years – A vampire viciously attacked another vampire and a wolf wore something sexy over his fur pelt. There’s no stopping the mean Georgina, because she has been sucking the blood from juniors at school and playing with her hair under a Christmas tree. That’s all the scandal for now. XOXO. You know you love me!” Could you possibly imagine something worse? It would be like watching warts grow.

Rob was asked whether he will be reprising his famous role in the television show, to which he answered, “Who knows? The only thing that creates a little bit of a problem is that I’m supposed to be 17 forever. I’m not sure I can be 17 forever.”

Do you also hear the crying of creepy people (and Bruce Jenner) in purgatory? Imagine this – You are publicly humiliated by your girlfriend. You do everything in your power to get away from the horror, but eventually end up playing the same character for the rest of your life, with your cheating ex-girlfriend co-starring alongside you. People settle down now, because not even Mr. Ghenghis Khan would invent something so sinister and diabolical.

Would you watch a Twilight television show? We know we won’t – we have Honey Boo Boo and American Idol shenanigans waiting for us.

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  1. mamawjane says:

    Renier..what kind of name is that? People like you who diss Twilight are only the minority for the majority is what made the franchise billions(yes, billions of dollars) and that takes a lot of ticket sales. I guess you would rather watch “True Blood” since they actually have fangs. If there was Twilight on TV, it would be high ratings for the network that ran it. And I am not a teenager. I am a college educated thirty something woman who loved the books and the movies. Now, don’t you go see Breading Dawn 2 so as not to ruin your reputation.

    • Renier Palland says:

      Mamawjane, thank you for your comment on my article. Firstly, my name is French and if you are the college educated woman you say you are, you would most certainly know about Prince Rainier from the Grimaldi Dynasty? Secondly, I am allowed to be in the minority and not like Twilight. This does not make me a bad person. I am allowed to criticize. Once again, if you are the college educated you claim to be, you would realize that freedom of speech and difference of opinion is accepted in today’s society.

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Haters gonna hate says:

    Worst article i have ever read . This is THE best movie ive ever seen . If you want a crappy movie try watchin a bunch of little kids saying spells and flying in the air =) . whats up HP fans ? Are you mad ? .

  3. Haters gonna hate says:

  4. Haters gonna hate says:

    This article sucks .

  5. mangler says:

    Best movie you’ve ever seen? You definitely live under a rock. Those movies prove teenagers now will watch anything the pathetic media tells them too. I’m glad that no talent whore will be forgotten once and for all.