Selena Gomez Bong Smoking Revealed – What Else Hasn’t She Done?

Selena Gomez Bong Smoking Revealed - What Else Hasn’t She Done?

Selena Gomez has begun hitting the talk show circuit to promote her latest flick, Spring Breakers, and she turned up on Jimmy Kimmel’s couch the other night to dish details on shooting the film and she revealed something interesting – she’d never hit a bong before this role!  Hard to believe, I know, but according to Selena it’s one habit that she doesn’t share with that other former Disney star named Miley Cyrus.  According to Selena,

“I’d never done it before, It was funny, they had to teach me how to use it.  Gomez smoked “The fake stuff…like grass” which she said was so “horrible” it scared her away from trying the real stuff.

The R-rated flick also portrays Selena’s character drinking and getting dirty on the dance floor. I kinda wonder about the bong story. I mean she’s surrounded by Hollywood parties with access to everything, do you really think she steered clear until this film?  If she really had to be shown how to use it, that would make her one of the most innocent girls in Hollywood, wouldn’t you say?

According to Selena she and boyfriend, Justin Bieber like to go bowling on their date nights. Maybe she goes for a younger guy because she is on the same level, or at least was for a while. If she had to be shown how to hit a bong then maybe she’s had to be shown how to hit other things as well! Like Justin!

Do you buy the whole wholesome, innocent act or do you think it’s just that – an act.  Does she keep Justin on his toes for real on the down low or will he eventually go looking for a more experienced woman? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


2 responses to “Selena Gomez Bong Smoking Revealed – What Else Hasn’t She Done?”

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  2. Dustin says:

    Hard to say. It may seem that she’s innocent but maybe she does her wild side when no one knows about it.