Shock Report: Sister Wives Split! (Photo)

Kody Brown is that jackwagon from Sister Wives – you know, the man of the house juggling all four women under one roof.  Anyway, a new tell-all book, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage is in the works. Because what’s a scandal without a good tell all to make it even juicier! And this weeks’ Reality Weekly has a cover story with all the inside scoop.

One thing brought to like is the initial animosity between first wife Meri and wifey number two, Janelle. “It was clear that I was unable to do anything right. I folded Kody’s clothes incorrectly. I bought the wrong dish soap,” explains wife number two, Janelle. “She made it clear that I was disrupting her household”

The house was, at times, a complete battle zone.  When Janelle conceived before I did, I was pretty devastated, even though, deep down, I had expected it,” confesses Meri, who had trouble getting pregnant. The latest issue has more on the fighting between these women and how it culminated in a split.

Also this week, Reality Weekly claims that Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison is falling for Emily Maynard.  His recent split from his wife of 18 years leaves Harrison himself looking for a new love and as for Emily, he has this to say:  “Emily is a very Southern traditional woman, but very independent and strong. This woman has been through so much in such a short time in her life. She’s been doing it all for so long and she’s done an amazing job.”

Also inside are the details on Britney Spears wedding shapeup –  can she lose the loose and flabby look?  You just know Simon Cowell insists on it!  And also covered is the odd death of a Swamp People star. Grab the new copy asap.

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