Taylor Swift House Shopping To Live Near Harry Styles – Run Lad, Save Yourself!

Taylor Swift House Shopping To Live Near Harry Styles – Run Lad, Save Yourself!

When Taylor Swift first hit the scene she was a sweet teenager writing songs about boys. Fast forward to the Taylor’s third album, Red, and we see that she is really a nut job. Besides writing scathing songs about her ex-boyfriends she now buys houses in their neighborhoods! Another piece of the crazy puzzle is coming together.

Taylor’s latest squeeze is Harry Styles from the British boy band One Direction. TSwizzle, as Perez Hilton calls her, is considering purchasing a home in North London to be near Harry. She doesn’t waste any time! The two have only been dating a couple of weeks. They reconnected during rehearsals for X Factor on November 15. A source tells Hollywood Life that Taylor has been interested in buying a place in the UK for a while. She finally has a reason to take the plunge. But Harry is hesitant to commit to Taylor. They dated this spring for a short time, but Harry being a ladies man didn’t want to date Taylor exclusively. He is so young and has millions of girls fighting over him. Why would he want to commit to one person, especially a woman whose claim to fame is hurting people she once loved with her music? And why would he want to be suffocated by a woman who habitually moves very fast in her relationships? Any guy would be cautious dating Taylor. We will have to see how long this relationship lasts. Taylor is receiving death threats from One Direction fans over her relationship with Harry. Perhaps she is the one who should stay away from him.

Taylor started her new hobby this summer. She bought a house near the Kennedy family vacation home in Hainesport, MA while she was dating 18 year old Connor Kennedy.  The couple broke up not long after Taylor bought the house. Connor being in high school probably wasn’t even thinking about his future with Taylor. It must have freaked him out.  Taylor said she’s not sorry she bought the house. Now the poor kid has to put up with seeing his ex-girlfriend on his family vacations as well as cringing over a horrible break up song about him.

I would love to see Chelsea Handler get her hands on Swifty. Chelsea has a way of getting people to reveal their true selves through brutally honest questioning and disarming the guest with backhanded compliments. Taylor needs to recognize that she has a psychological problem. She is boy crazy but at the same time wants to nest with each guy. Taylor’s actions are the result of insecurity. Her loyal fans think she is a gutsy woman who believes in payback. In reality, she is a source of material for late night talk shows and comedians.

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2 responses to “Taylor Swift House Shopping To Live Near Harry Styles – Run Lad, Save Yourself!”

  1. luckyme13 says:

    taylor swift no longer the sweet,innocent,wholesome girl i admire aside from her music. so sad she’s turning into a lohan and spears and kim kardashian. she’s turning into a psycho dater, she can keep a man that can last even for 6 months, and she can’t last w/o a man even for a week.

    she tell 60 minutes she always think a million times for her actions because she’s thinking of all the kids and teens who idolized her. and yet lately she’s been getting wilder and wilder with this development on her “lovelife”.

    what will the kids and teens who idolized her,it’s okay to obsessed with guys everyday of you life, it’s okay to change your boyfriend everyday, that life is all about boys,boys,boys.

    why don’t she go back to school and take some course so her mind will be busy with homeworks instead of whom to chase and whom to be plot who to be her next victim.

    taylor there’s more life than to be thinking and obsessing with men.

    let true love finds you and not be the one to search for it bad boy or not.

  2. Anna Rowena says:

    taylor swift is a cheater too.she went out with harry after the vma awards last sept. she’s still with conor at that time. they only broke up last october. some fans saw them together having dinner,it’s on twitter and tumblr.

    after this date,taylor broke up with conor saying due to distance. the truth is she’s starting to chase harry. of course taylor swift is taylor swift,harry’s ego’s boasted,imagine “the taylor swift” isflirting with him that she wants to hook up with harry. who would refuse?

    she did to conor what she did to taylor lautner, when she played fire with john mayer.

    soon karma will be catching up with taylor.

    now she’s at the top of the world, with biggest album sales, just remember taylor, nothing last forever even if you are the most powerful or most popular celebrity on earth.