The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 6 Spoilers (Video)

The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 6 Spoilers (Video)

Last week’s The Bachelor show saw Courtney naked and getting Ben tipsy and convincing him to go skinny dipping in the Puerto Rican waters.  If you missed the episode you can read our official recap here.  How the heck is she going to up that one – cause you and I both know she is going to try.

Ben and the reminder of his girlfriends head to Panama this week with Ben giving another go at Kacie. B with a one-on-one date and I can just imagine how pissed off Courtney is going to be about that.

The group date brings six of the girls; Lindzi, Jamie, Emily, Nicki, Casey and Courtney on a boat ride in the Panamanian jungle. Then the group spend the day with a local tribe painting their faces and wearing tribal clothing.

The most dreaded and awful date, the 2-on-1, sees Blakely and Rachel fighting to stay on the show for a chance at becoming Mrs. Winemaker…and the winner is, Rachel.  Blakely heads home and loses her chance to win Ben’s heart.

Now, if you were watching the show last week, at the very end there was a preview of tonight’s show when Chris pulls Casey S. aside and from the way she is acting, it looks like he is telling her something horrible, like someone died. Well it turns out it’s nothing like that, Chris tells her she’s been caught, they know about her boyfriend back home.

The Rose Ceremony will say goodbye to one other girl – since Blakely will have already left on the 2-on-1 date – you might ask who it is, well it just maybe Casey, or was it Kasey.

Come back tonight where you know we will be giving you all the juicy details in our live recap.  In the meantime check out a sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!