The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Season 11 Episode 3, 3/4/12

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Season 11 Episode 3, 03/04/12

The Celebrity Apprentice returns tonight with a whole new episode called “How Much Is That Celebrity In The Window?.’  Stand by as we live blog the show for you with all the up-to-the-minute details. On last week’s show the project manager for the men was Penn Juliette and for the ladies it was Lisa Lampanelli.  Lisa’s team lost the challenge and the ladies ended up sending Victoria Gotti home.  If you missed the episode you can read our official recap here.

That leaves the ladies down 2 heading into the third week and they really need to bring their game if they have any chance of beating the men.  The women seem to spend more time backbiting and fighting and last week it seemed like the ladies were going to get into a cat fight.  We have been hearing some rumors that there has been some fighting going on over at the men’s team too. It seems that married rocker Dee has the hots for sexy Dayana and Lou can’t deal with it.

On this week’s show the teams are tasked with creating storefront window displays for the Ivanka Trump Collection.  The women’s Project Manager finds herself in over her head.  The men all rally behind their leader but lose faith when he checks out early.  When Ivanka judges the windows, the losing team faces Donald Trump in the Boardroom, and another Celebrity is sent packing. Boardroom advisers tonight are Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

TONIGHT’S RECAP:  Lisa and Dayana walk into the room where the women were waiting to see who was eliminated and Lisa says ‘That was fun.’  Dayana said it was difficult.  The ladies are all talking they need to win.  They really need a win!  Lisa says they have to forget their hair and makeup and really suck it up and get down and dirty.  Penn goes to give his check to his charity Opportunity Village.

The teams meet Donald, Donald Jr and Ivanka – Donald asks Lisa what was her feeling at the boardroom she says she is a fighter.  bla bla…  They are standing in front of Ivanka’s fine jewellery display in Trump Tower in NYC.  The teams are going to be creating a live window display in Lords and Taylors for Ivankas  Spring Collection 2012.  Invanka will be judging them with Scott Levine on: creativity, brand message and overall presentation.

The winner of the task will get $20,000 for their charity.  The men pick George as the Project Manager.  On the ladies team both Dayana and Teresa want to be project manager – finally Debbie pipes up and says give Dayana a chance and Dayana is project manager.

Dayana wants the windows to be related but still different.   Aubrey suggest they do something like a clock to display the time passing.  That way they can display what they any women can become in the day.  They want to establish 4 looks .  All the ladies like the concept.  Again it has become the Aubrey show.

The men have to get started they have – Clay is not sure George is aware of what is going on.  He feels George is having trouble keeping up with all.  Penn wants to find twins – Penn want to do something that know one has seen before.  They want George to sketch out what he wants.  George feels once he sees the space.  The men suggest they get Cheryl Tiegs to be their celebrity.

Invaka comes to meet the men with Scott the executives for the task.  The men need direction – the windows are on 5th avenue.  The most important part of the brand is a sophisticated women.   She then goes to see the women and lets them know what is the core demographic.  She wants to show her women can go from day to nite.  She lets the women know coral is the color for her collection.  They have to stay consistent with the brand.

George decides they will have one window Invaka by day and the other Ivanka by night.  They decided they will have twins one dressed for day and the other for night on the red carpet.  Arsenio wants to be in the window – George says he has panache.   Paul tells them he has a motorcycle  he can do a design. (Paul has a motorcycle for everything) George gives Paul Invanka’s brand signature.  Dee tells the team he has to leave to go to the doctor.  Arsenio is not sure if he can still play the game.

Over at Forte the ladies are picking out models – Dayana is the obvious choice and Debbie pipes in she wants to be in a window.  The ladies decided Aubrey should be in the window, Debbie is not happy.

Tia, Lisa and Aubrey were going to build the sets in Brooklyn.

1/2 the men went to start building the set and the other 1/2 went to dress the models.  Adam use to be a carpenter – so his knowledge is bubbling up.   Lou kept telling Adam to call George to get direction.  Lou felt Adam was taking over.

Aubrey, Lisa and Tia are over where the set designing is happening.  The ladies find out the boxes are a lot smaller than they thought and they are going to have to cut down what they thought.  They are communicating to Dayana the information and she is not pleased.

The men showed up at Lords and Taylors and they find out they dress the window in the basement and then a hydraulics lifts it up to the window.

Dayana is at the showroom and she gets a new idea to have the sketches she sees in Ivanka’s showroom in the display.

The men show up at the showroom and Amanda is there.  The men are a bit lost and Arsenio wants them to let him handle it.  Eric shows up and asks the men what is there concept.  George tells him it is Ivanka by Day and Ivanka by night.  Eric can tell there is something on Clay’s mind about George and Eric is afraid the task is going to unravel.

Dayana is with the models in the war room having the models pictures taken.  Debbie call Ivanka and asks if they can borrow her jewelery and she is completely willing to help.  Donald Jr. comes to see the ladies and Dayana tells him that she has had to rethink what she was doing.  She lets Donald Jr. that they are doing ‘timeless style by Ivanka.’  Donald Jr. is afraid that Dayana does not have control.

Dee is told that he needs to get surgery now – because the bones could heal wrong in as little as 10 days.

The men are preparing the boxes – George gives the men direction on what colors he wants the boxes to be.  Adam is insisting he make everything.  Lou feels the midnight blue is a little too dark – but George wanted it that way.  But George never came over to see what it looked like.

Over at the ladies team the photographer is still taking pictures of the models and Dayana is worried because they are running out of time.  Patricia is worried she wants Dayana to win but feels she is running out of time.  Debbie suggests they just grab 5 photos and get them printed fast.  Teresa feels Dayana is overwhelmed and Dayana feels being project manager is a lot of work.

Meanwhile Dee is on his way into surgery.

At the ladies team – 1/2 are going to the basement of Lords and Taylor to get started and the other 1/2 are going to get the sketches.  Dayana is nervous because the sketches are not there yet.

The men have arrived at their window and they find Paul’s guys misinterpreted what they wanted.

Aubrey is putting paper towels up in their design while they wait for the sketches.  Dayana called Debbie and they are stuck in traffic and they are worried because the window goes up at 11 AM.

The men are worried they only have 45 minutes to get everything together.  Paul and Adam were trying to get things up and Lou is interjecting and he is in the way.

Lisa and Debbie get to Lords and Taylors in the nick of time.  The printer did not print some of the pictures that Patricia took.  Aubrey is totally pissed and freaking out.  Dayana is upset, Lisa tells her it was a printing error.  The ladies have to change their concept.  Aubrey comes up with something for the ladies and they think it is a good idea.

George and Penn are with the ladies getting makeup and Clay and Arsenio are helping the ladies dress.  Clay is annoyed with George he does not feel he is doing anything.

The ladies are down to 2 minutes left.  Dayana thanks all the women.

Clay feels George gave away so much that he had no purpose anymore.  Dee comes in to see the men he is back from his surgery.  Arsenio is surprised that Dee is back.

George is standing waiting to unveil the window.  Ivanka and Scott come to see the window – poor George is stumbling all over his speech about the presentation.  Because the night presentation is midnight blue it is getting a bit washed out.  Ivanka tells the men their presentation was very impressive and left.  Michael thinks they may have a chance of winning.

Ivank then goes over to the windows presentation.  Lisa, Tia and Debbie are making the presentation and they are good at presenting.  Also the ladies outside the window are wearing things from the collection.  Ivanka tells the ladies the presentation is beautiful.

Scott liked both of the presentation.  Ivanka loves the concepts of twins and they both loved the signage that Paul made.  The only small criticism Ivanka made was the fan they women used in their presentation.

This is a hard one – not sure who will win – maybe I would give the men a small edge!

BOARDROOM: Donald asks Dayana what was her concept – they based everything on Ivanka and her style.  She believes she beat George’s team.  Teresa says she was great as a project manager.  Tia loved the team this week – she thought Dayana did a good job.  Teresa and Tia says there is no weak person on the team.  Donald wants to know if Dayana loses who she will bring back.  Dayana does not want to tell.  Donald asks Aubrey who are the two weakest person to bring back.  Aubrey refuses to give her opinion because she was not the project manager.    The ladies are basically having a love fest.

Donald gives kudos to Dee because he came back.  Dee had four pins put in his finger – everyone claps for him.  George tells Donald he is confident his team won and he believes they will leave happy.  George gives Penn credit for the twins and Paul credit for branding.  Donald Jr. mentions Ivanka wants the signs for her shop.  Clay says George did a perfectly fine job as a Project Manager.  Donald is confused because Erica told Donald that when he asked Clay how George was a a PM Clay laughed and Donald does not think that is a good sign.

Arsenio loved working for George because he left him alone and he was a good PM for Arsenio’s style.  Penn though George did a good job.

Pros for women – use of the details, and the fact the window was alive, and the demographic they loved

Cons for the women – they did not like the fan or the fact they could not see the shoes.

Pros for men – they loved the sign, Invaka wants to use the sign, they loved the twins, they loved Arsenio in the scene, they loved the brand message.

Cons for men – they did not like the colors in the back and Ivanka thought it lacked creativity.

The women are showed the men’s window and the women are not impressed.  The men looks at the women’s pictures and they think the pictures are confusing and there is too much going on and the men cannot figure out what the concept is in their pictures.

Scott from Lord and Taylor and Ivanka felt strongly that the women’s team did a better job.  Dayana is getting $20,000 for her charity.  The women are going back to the suite to watch what is happening.

One of the men will be fired tonight!

The ladies congratulate each other.  The men start to turn on each other  Lou tells Donald that he thought the midnight blue was a mistake and he wanted Adam to call George and tell him.   George asks who picked the dresses and he lets Donald know it was Arsenio.  Lou feels Arsenio could do a better job picking the clothes.  Lou says he would have fired Arsenio.  Paul says he would have fired George – he felt the communication was not good. Clay says he would rather be on the coach on American Idol than here.  He starts off saying he looks up to George but George is not always present and that might have hurt them.  Penn lets everyone know his skills at design are 0 and he was not really present during some of the decisions.  Donald gives Dee a pass because he was getting an operation so he won’t be fired.

Arsenio mentions that he picked the clothes and if he made a mistake maybe he should go. Adam says no one dropped the ball they all did their best so maybe he would fire George.  Donald asks George who he would pick – he chooses Arsenio and Lou because he misunderstands things.

So Lou, George and Arsenio are coming back and one will be fired.  Lou does not feel that he should have been brought back he gave 110 % – he also wanted Adam call George and tell him the colors were wrong.  George defends himself by saying that Lou gets in the way.   Lou is really outspoken and defends himself perfectly.  Arsenio says the problem was the team was split in 2 so George did not get to see what went on in the other location.  Donald wants to know why Arsenio put a trench coat on a person on the red carpet.   Donald Jr. felt that the men did not use Ivanka enough.  George had no idea he had that much access to Ivanka.  George assumes he would fired – he thanks Donald and says he met many people and he hopes he has made friends for life and he feels he has had a rich experience.

Donald tells George he respects him and fires him.

George is such a gentlemen he tells Arsenio and Lou to keep in touch!